It Is Not An Emergency

Down to one bottle of Shiner in my fridge. Not an emergency but certainly a situation of note.

Not really sure about what note that is, just that it is.

Sometimes people make me hate people. Been the kind of day where I think about loading up the car and heading east because this just doesn’t feel right. Definitely something out of place and my tolerance for it is diminishing.

Change has come to visit and gone for a while and then come back again. In the past I haven’t always been a fan of change but I think I am ready to reconsider that position.

It is one of those moments where I look around and smile because I see how far I have come and then I grit my teeth because I am anxious to take off towards the future. It is hard to hold still when you feel like where you are at is treading water.

Still there is no benefit in making rash decisions that can have long lasting consequences. That is part of why I write because it feels good to vent and it clears my head.

Got no doubt I’ll get where I am going, just taking a bit longer than I’d like. In the interim I am doing my best to participate and enjoy in the present.


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