Decent Exposure Versus Indecent Exposure

This appeared on a group blog that is now defunct. Came across it and decided to share it.

In the world of professional writing the new guys are always looking for decent exposure. Heck even some of the so called more established writers are looking for exposure. Writing can fall into the category of starving artist at least when it comes to professions. It is not something that everyone can do, this writing thing. Some people just aren’t as proficient at constructing sentences that compel the reader to to keep reading. It takes a little work and some talent to create an image that people relate to and even then it it is no guarantee that the reader won’t bolt for new pastures.

We live in a society that has come to rely upon instant gratification. There are bells, buttons, beeps and whistles that are always going off around us. These words are just one of ten million different distractions. It is part of why there is such a push to create great headlines and an interest in filling posts with pictures. Some would argue that it is part of the dumbing down of society.

Me, I am not interested in getting into that- at least not before I have had my morning coffee and I haven’t had it yet. I took the easy way out this morning and told those who listened and those who didn’t to get the hell out of their igloos. Didn’t you learn anything from the first snowmaggedon. There is a better way to live. This morning I see nothing but blue skies and sunshine. That is not me exaggerating, it is what I see.

Ok, scratch that I can’t have you all moving out here to screw up traffic and complain about earthquakes.

The thing about writing is that most of us are looking for ways to pay our bills. We love doing this but it doesn’t pay as much as other jobs do, not on its own. You have to cobble, scrape and shuffle to make that happen. If you gain that exposure that we mentioned before it can become easier. That exposure helps to provide you with new resources because among new readers are those who need writers. And that gives us hope that someone out there needs a writer and can pay us for our work. Hope that not only can they pay us, they will be the person/group/company that gives us our big break.

You know the one I am talking about. It is been in the movies and television a million times not to mention books. Some lucky stiff is given a contract to write a book that leads to a series and or movie deal. Big deals and big doings lead to a big payoff and then one day you are telling Oprah that you can’t believe that it happened to you. One day you were just some stiff looking for decent exposure and now you are a big shot.

At least you hope that could happen. You think that it might. You believe that it might and if it weren’t so damn sunny outside you would push to make it happen. Except those blue skies are calling to you and while all those other suckers are trapped in the snow you figure that it might be a good time to take a swim.


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