I am not fond of whiners or being a whiner. If there is a problem I want to figure out how to fix or remove it.

Can’t say that I don’t understand how some people stay where they are because they fear what could happen if they try to change their situation because I have been there. And in some ways I suppose I have maintained my own status quo because it was what I knew.

But at the same time I have never understood why some people insist on letting life kick their ass each day and how they never seem to have had enough.

Because I can’t live that way or be that guy.

Yet sometimes when I read what I have written it feels that way so I consider my thoughts and ask myself why I feel as I do.

Most of the time it comes back to feeling like I do it all on my own and that there is no support or limited understanding about what I am facing and have faced.

Others might disagree with me but that is ok because I am not interested in building a consensus about how I feel. What I know is that November-February were among the least pleasant times in recent memory and that if felt like my skin was being flayed while hot sauce was being poured over me.

Things improved a bit and some equilibrium was found but it didn’t fix what felt off because this transition time is grinding upon me. I feel like I am climbing a mountain and the other climbers have fallen off but since they are still connected to me I am dragging them up the side inch by inch.



2 thoughts on “Support

  1. Wow, that’s quite an analogy you got going there. Now you just need to figure out how to shake those climbers off of you so you can get to the top and look at far you’ve come.

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