Three Steps Forward & Four Steps Backward

I woke up this morning in a very foul mood and tried to figure out why so many of my dreams have been so disturbing and decided it is because I feel like I have taken not three steps forwards and two backwards but three steps forward and four steps backward.

Yeah, it feels like many of my accomplishments have been tainted because I am in a giant hole and sliding downwards. It is not just a little irritating but exceptionally irritating to feel like I had gained so much ground and then lost so much so soon after.

It is possible it is just a bad moment in time and that my foul mood has impacted my perspective.

It is also possible that I am spot on but there is a bit of hope here. If I can slide so far backwards in such little time there is no doubt I can move back to where I was and beyond in just as little time.

That is the goal because I despise feeling like I hate where life is at right now.

I have a plan and I am working hard to see that it is executed because I am not one to wallow but damn, did I really have to get jammed up like this again.

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