The Squeaky Wheel

Summer traffic is always a bit off, at least in the blogosphere. There are lots of days where it is a bit slower than the rest of the year.

It freaks some people out but not me. I figure people are on vacation or I am just not providing the sort of content that gets shared as often as it could be.

But I also make a note to track how much time I spend visiting and commenting on other blogs because there is a relationship between my engagement and the amount of traffic I receive.

I have been thinking about it quite a bit because I used to be much more consistent about it but for the past year or so my visiting has dropped off.

Haven’t decided if it is a time issue or if I just haven’t been as into it as I used to be, but I am definitely aware of it.

It is also on my mind because I have felt the urge to try and increase the number of regular readers so I have been thinking about ways/means and methods.

It is a cluttered field out there in which the proverbial squeaky wheel gets the grease. Might be time for me to start greasing so that things get a bit more involved and active.

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