Free Writing

I had an idea for a post but I forgot what I was going to write about. It completely slipped my mind, can’t say if it was about the kids going back to school tomorrow, Robin Williams, baseball or what.

So I am just writing, taking the five minutes of freedom to do nothing but put a few words on the page. Might come back later this evening to write more because I have much on my mind and writing is usually how I free it.

Got this crazy seesaw going in my head where I swing from feeling crazed and concerned about all of the chaos to this other place where I am calm because things will work out. Mostly trying to fit in the middle, it is a better place to be.

There is no reason to freak out but too much calm sometimes leads to inaction and that won’t get it done either. Except the thing is when I put on my headphones, close my eyes and turn on the music I just feel like it is all going to be fine.

Maybe I should just go with it, ‘cuz that fire in the belly just feels right.

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