Had a conversation with a family member that made me wonder what the hell happened to their sense of reality. Actually I am pretty sure I know what happened to it and I am definitely not pleased it is missing.  We have banged heads about this a few times but I think the real issue is their good fortune has made them forget what life is like for most people.

It bothers me because they should know better and because I wonder if I would be the same if I had as many years of good fortune as they have.

Part of me doesn’t care because their good fortune means I don’t worry about them the way I worry about some other family members, there is a trade off for everything.

I expect and believe the time will come where my finances will be beyond flush again.


Because I figured out what it is I want and need and money is a relatively small part of that. And because it just makes sense to me that all the hard work is going to be rewarded with a life where I don’t spend every day wondering if I am going to live on the street. It is a surreal sort of feeling but I suppose what it really means is I have that much faith in my ability.

I am very displeased with the current state of affairs and when I say life sucks at the moment it is because it does. But I know the prancing pony I am riding is about to pick back up and I will grave that brass fucking ring when I pass by or I’ll fall off of the horse and break my neck.

You can be sure that I won’t die because that would be too easy and I don’t do things the easy way. But the more likely prospect is I will come out with ring in hand and some new aches and pains from stretching.

Kind of like the whole premise because when push comes to shove I’ll feel like I earned what I got because I did and I have and I will.


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