More Sleep Needed

“My mind’s distracted and diffused
My thoughts are many miles away”

My forearms hurt so much last night it woke me up.

Or would it read better if I said a strange, unusual and mysterious ache roused me from my sleep last night.

I hadn’t done any lifting or used them more than any other day so I was both irritated and surprised to be woken up that way.  For a moment I wondered if I was having a heart attack but I wasn’t short of breath, sweaty or having any of the other so called signs.

Once upon a time I was a CPR instructor so you can be assured I spent a few minutes reviewing all the signs I used to talk about and then I came to two conclusions:

1) I wasn’t having a heart attack.

2) If I was I was going to make sure to finish peeing because I wasn’t going to be found dead on the floor holding my dick in my hands.

Obviously I didn’t die. I’ll take that as confirmation I was correct about heart and proof that my stress level created the situation. That is because I have had multiple images in my head about me climbing a mountain and the family is hanging off of me.

So if you look at it from that perspective it would make sense my arms would hurt.


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