A Wacky Broad

My dearest Shmata Queen is relatively tolerant of my referring to her as a wacky broad. Can’t say she loves it and if push came to shove there are probably other terms of endearment that I could use and they aren’t crazy, hysterical, irrational or anything similar.

That is part of what I appreciate about her. The woman has her quirks as we all do but she isn’t crazy or hysterical. Did I mention that I know she will read this twice to make sure she didn’t miss anything so if I don’t say she isn’t irrational she’ll call me on it.

Actually she is irrational and illogical but include all people in that group. I am no different.

It doesn’t apply to every decision we make. Quite a few are based upon logic and cannot be seen as anything but rational. However there are a host of them that simply aren’t.

Facebook serves as a great sample/example of these ‘illogical’ decisions. When I flip through the status updates and read political proclamations it is hard for me not to laugh or roll my eyes.

Sometimes it is because I ask someone why they are liberal/conservative and they respond with “Everyone knows that liberals/conservatives hate our way of life and are determined to destroy it.

If I ask them to provide support they’ll tell me everyone knows it is true. That is the kind of substantive argument that makes me nod my head in agreement because all I ever need to change my mind is to be told everyone believes XYZ.

I suppose one of the things I appreciate most about my dear queen is that even though we disagree about some things we both enjoy learning more about subjects that interest us so that our reasons for believing things aren’t always  based solely upon gut feelings, what our parents believed or the Magic 8 Ball.

Although I must tell you the Magic 8 Ball is a very useful tool for helping those who are indecisive to make decisions more quickly.

The other thing to mention about Facebook and the blogosphere in general is that each day I come across material that convinces me Homer Simpson isn’t as far down on the IQ charts as some people might think.

Got to run blog elsewhere for a bit now. See you later.



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