More Interviews

Timing is a funny thing and if I chose to I could write one hell of a story to illustrate the point but I don’t have time to do it now. 😉

Instead I’ll tell you I have had more dreams about Texas and there are moments where I swear I can see the Metroplex and LA at the same time.

If I look out my window now I see blue skies and houses and I know it is not Bryant Irvin I am looking at. I am not driving down 35 or heading down 30 towards downtown Dallas.

It is Santa Monica and I am looking out at the mighty Pacific thinking about those waves and playing around with stopping. When I came back to LA I made a point to go put my feet in the sand and to visit my saltwater home but that is not what this post is about.

Nah, this is me just sharing a few thoughts, thinking out loud. Had more interviews, exchanged more email and now I am waiting to see what comes of it.

Johnny Cash is singing about midnight at a liquor store in Texas and I am smiling. It is Out Among The Stars and it just feels right, something about this song makes me happy, always has.

Oh how many travelers get wear-y
Bearing both their burdens and their scars
Don’t you think they’d love to start all over
And fly like eagles out among the stars

Time to walk the dog and enjoy some of that famous sunshine, the weekend is almost here. Good things are coming.


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