Foolish Moments and Mistakes

Got a letter the other day from my healthcare provider saying my medical coverage had been canceled for lack of payment. Read it and shook my head because I couldn’t believe these jackasses had managed to screw things up…again.

And by again I mean again because we have done this silly dance where they tell me I am not covered for procedure XYZ or have billed me twice for something that shouldn’t have been billed and I in turn have spent hours making sure the mistake was corrected.

Well this time I discovered it wasn’t a mistake. It was accurate. It was real and it is my own doing.

I didn’t pay the premium.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have the cash it was because I just missed it. It slipped my mind and I screwed up. I can’t ever remember a time where I didn’t pay that bill. It is always foremost on my mind. Always something that gets paid and if ever money was tight it still got paid because you never know.

But this time it didn’t happen and now I am not covered. This time I find myself looking for short term coverage, something to cover my ass because sometimes shit happens and I don’t want to be stuck without coverage because..well that is obvious, isn’t it.


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