Living On The Edge

You haven’t begun to live until you have had to choose between paying for healthcare for yourself or rent. You haven’t had real fun until you have skipped the dentist for a while because you haven’t got the cash to pay for it.

Sometimes life takes you places you never intended to visit and you experience the joy of living on the edge.

It is an experience that changes you, turns you into someone you never expected to be and leaves you a harder person than when you started. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Part of life is rolling with the changes that and moments that it throws at you.

And if you know me you know that I climbed up the side of the mountain more than once and no matter how many times I have slipped and fallen down I have always climbed back up.

It is what I do and it is why I don’t always pay much attention to the nonsense that gets tossed around elsewhere. Don’t have time for it and don’t believe most is of interest.

Most of the time that works just fine and I come out the other side. One day I suppose it might not, but I expect that when it doesn’t work I’ll move on from this world to the next.

And if we don’t move on, well then it won’t matter because it will be all she wrote. Either way I intend to live in a way in which I leave all I have on the field.

I don’t know how to do it any other way.


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