Listening to Separate Ways by Journey and picturing some ’80s sitcom or maybe a movie. Kind of a cheesy song but I like it anyway.

Heard today from a company I have been trying to get in an interview with and was told that they are finally ready. Kind of excited about it, but as they say it is nothing until it is something.

Ask me if it is hard to keep up multiple blogs and I’ll tel l you it is not as difficult as you might think but that is because they all serve different purposes.

This one here is a brain dump, just a place where I share whatever comes to mind. For example I just received another automated email saying my application for a position was rejected.

I have serious doubts about whether a human actually read it. There is a good chance it didn’t have the right keywords but so it goes. Some days it is hard to get rejected like that but most of the time it just rolls off of my back. There is very little I pay attention to, primarily because very little is intended to be personal.


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