It Is Not About Insane Courage

It is not about insane courage. It is not about giving yourself an excuse so if things fail you can give yourself a way to pretend you didn’t do anything.

It is about our willingness to commit, to take the risk that leads to the reward we don’t believe we can get any other way. It is that moment where you say “I have done all I can do, tried everything else and now I am just going to lay it on the line and see what happens.”

If it doesn’t scare you silly it means it is not that important. We aren’t talking about some physical endeavor in which failure leads to critical injury or death.

We are talking about whether you will do something that will scar your heart if you don’t. We are talking saying “fuck it, today I am going to do all I can to get to the other side of that hill” and then just going for it.

You may fail. You may crash and burn but you’ll you know you tried. And let’s be clear about something, failure hurts. Trying to achieve won’t protect you from pain or aggravation but it will provide you with the foundation to pick your ass up and know you did what you could and sometimes that is enough.


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