The Five Minute Post

Took a Facebook personality test and here is what I got:

You are a Leader!

As you probably already know, you are a born leader! You are a very charismatic, passionate, mature and calculated person. You are always there when people need you, you always know the right thing to say, and you are always able to help.
Your sense for leadership has gotten you far in life: You have a great career, amazing family and lifelong friends, but you are no stranger to hard times as well.
You’ve had more than enough struggles through life, and although it seemed very daunting at the time, your good spirit and amazing set of skills has always helped you to overcoming them.

I used to enjoy being a vocal and active leader but lately I have been focused inward and more interested in taking care of personal needs but I am ready for the personal stuff to be put aside so I can focus on someone or something else.

That is because I am tired of the merry-go-round.


Mom has surgery tomorrow. It is not major but it is enough to keep her in the hospital for a few days. I’ll make a point to head over to see her, which leads me to say it is probably a good thing that I haven’t moved yet.

But moving is still my focus. I need to be elsewhere, my time here hasn’t served me as well as I would like and I think life is calling me to try to build new things in other places.

Speaking of other places my time is up, might come back later. If you need something to read try one of these:


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