Too Busy

It always frustrates me when I am too busy to write and I can’t say it was because I was doing things I enjoyed or because I was earning huge sums of money.

On the other hand today was far better compared to many recent moments so I’ll smile and enjoy the sunshine on my back.

Looked in the mirror and almost recognized the man looking back at me. Think I might enjoy getting to know this one.

Been thinking about the important things in life again and I keep coming to the same conclusions. Don’t have time illustrate or cover it in detail now but I’ll provide a rough synopsis.

When you find people who make you smile, who make you feel loved and valued you hold onto them. You don’t have feel like you are madly, passionately in love all the time, but if you can have that some of the time and know that if rough spots come you are happy to work on overcoming them together you are in good shape.

Every relationship has its challenges. When you know you don’t care if you overcome them it is time to think about who you are spending your time with.

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