$25,000 From the Universe

I wrote the universe a letter earlier this year asking for $25,000.

“Dear Universe,

If you could find an easy way to make $25 grand show up in my bank account I would be grateful, thankful and appreciative. A million would be even better and ten million even nicer than that, but I would be happy with $25k.

Of course if you are in the mood to negotiate because you can’t find a way to get the million or so I asked for you can find the same broad smile on my face for a cool $250k or even $100k.

But if that doesn’t work I am happy to settle for $25k because that would simplify things for me. Wouldn’t fix all of my problems or enable me to retire but I’d have enough to keep me going long enough to get to the next thing and that would be grand.

Good things are coming for me. Big things are coming for me and you are a part of it.

Just think how good you will feel universe if you help bring those changes about sooner, especially if you are in any way responsible for the things that led to this place today.

Of course I’ll give you credit for that time in the parking lot and that other moment too, but they still pale to the moments and events that took place in between those moments.

But it is fair to say that what was book ended between is why I learned about possibility turning into opportunity and why I think it can happen again.

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