And So It Goes

Three interviews today, two earlier this week.

Argument with teenage boy today about things he consider serious and I call frivolous. I felt badly because I understand his frustration but sometimes there are no good choices.

Sometimes you make the best one you can and go with it. You can’t screw an old head on young shoulders but given time I think he’ll agree with what was done.

Won’t like it now, but my perspective isn’t based upon the short time he has been around. It is based upon decades and that lends some credibility he doesn’t yet possess.

One day he will, but for now he can’t see as I do so he has to accept the compromise, even if he doesn’t see it as such.

In the interim he has no idea what I have gone through to make these things happen and how much I have done to try to make his life easier. That allows me to sleep at night because I know no matter what happens I have done my best.

But it doesn’t always take the sting out of some moments.

One day many years from now I will sit him down and talk about it. He doesn’t need to know it yet because he’ll worry about stuff he has no control over and that is pointless.

It is my job to worry about the so called high level big picture moments. I am good with that, but some times it gets old.

Three interviews, supposed to hear about a different position this week. The week is almost done, mix of nerves about some of it.

I’ll feel better when some decisions have been made, the perch on the fence is uncomfortable and not to my liking. Better to make a move and then deal with what comes than to wait and hope for a magical outcome or hero to appear.

I am my own hero because I can’t rely upon anyone else for rescue nor do I want to.


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