Ask Dr. Google

As a rule I try not to ask Dr. Google for advice about medical issues or at least I try to be cautious about it.

That is because you can scare the crap out of yourself with what you find because when you don’t know much about what you are researching it is easy to find yourself falling down the rabbit hole.

Easy to misdiagnose and or misunderstand what you think you have and then you find yourself getting worked up about something that might not be an issue.

That being said I did a search today because I was curious about something and now I am wondering if surgery is in my future.

If I am right it is not likely to be major but for a short time it will impact things for me.

The question is how soon does it need to be done. If I can put it off for around six months that could be very helpful.

But what would be even better is to find out that I am wrong and it doesn’t have to be done at all.


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