What Direction Now

Perhaps the biggest challenge of being engulfed in a category 5 storm is the inability to find the eye and gain a moment catch your breath.

I attribute the relentless pounding and pressure with the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and see it as being a major source of frustration.

When you are being battered it is hard to locate your North star so that you can locate shelter and that is my current situation.

Too much going on and no umbrella or cave to provide shelter. No time to catch my breath and try to make well thought out decisions.

Instead operating off of gut feelings and instinct and praying that I am not pushing myself in the wrong direction. If I was man who cried the tears might have already rolled down my cheeks but there is no time for that.

This moment in time feels far too familiar and maybe that is the biggest issue. Maybe the similarities between an awful moment already experienced and this one is what is really causing the issue.

Trying to pick it apart so that I understand it better because understanding provides options and opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity have you read any of these?


2 thoughts on “What Direction Now

  1. Do you wonder if this feels familiar because it was a life lesson that you haven’t learned before? I’ve been feeling that all the way through my legal battle with my ex. It was familiar yet why, I’ve never been in a battle quite like this before with him or anyone else for that matter?
    What gets me through is think about this from the lesson. Not where I am or why this sucks more than anything else has ever sucked before, but what am I here to learn. I’m not 100% but damn, I’m not all up in my head as much. Just throwing that one out there …

    • I think about that sometimes and wonder about life lessons. There are moments where I think it is all nonsense and that there is no explanation but coincidence and then there are others where I am not certain.

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