Sunday Evening

“Submit to possibility and potential and watch what happens.”

Got a big week ahead and much that happens or does not happen will impact the future. The storm approaches

The storm approaches.

That is not hyperbole or an exaggeration of any sort. It is fact because anyone in my position can see the mass of clouds forming and the only question is how the power of the coming storm will be expended upon the land below.

Perhaps there will be nothing more than rain with spurts of thunder and lightning and all that will be required is common shelter.

But sometimes funnel clouds form and you have no idea what sort of shelter will suffice. If it goes sideways on me it could be very ugly and there is no saying what it will look like.

I choose to be as positive in my approach as I can be.

Be ready for the worst and hope for the best.

Perhaps I’ll tie it all back into the fiction here.


One thought on “Sunday Evening

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