All The Things I Had To Say

Stared at the Sunday Evening post while listening to Mike and The Mechanics sing The Living Years and got lost in a moment.

Thought about the I Had A Dream post I wrote so many years before and got a bit choked up. Wasn’t sure exactly why I was hit by those feelings and figured I ought to grab a moment to write.

Maybe it is because I feel like I can almost see through the veil and got a sense of how much is coming and how big these changes might be.

It is a mixture of fear and anticipation.  A blend of wondering just how cold the water will be and the desire to get it over with because the wonder and worrying is worse than the moment to come.

So strange to think about how much more willing I am to say I am frightened but anxious to get it over with because the only way to get beyond is to go through.

Can’t fix what is broken in some places because it shattered so long ago I couldn’t possibly find all of the pieces so I can only try to move into something new.

But new is good and I expect it to be better, might take some time for better to come but come it will.

Still haven’t said all I have to say to everyone who I want to hear it, but I am working on it.

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