Clarity Needed

Sometimes I wonder how much crossover there is between my blogs because I know some of you visit the others. Sometimes I wonder if you enjoy one more than another and why.

There is no particular reason for that other than basic curiosity.

I tend to push people towards TheJackB because it is more of the hub of my online ventures. It is also where I think most of my best writing is located.

Today I am jammed for time so I haven’t had a chance to update it yet but if I did I might write about clarity.

I am feeling unsettled and out of sorts about a few things and I am not entirely sure why. I have my suspicions but until I write them down and see them on paper I won’t be certain if I am correct about why these misgivings exist.

It doesn’t mean I can’t figure it out without writing it down because I can but there is a certain degree of clarity that comes from reading that doesn’t always arrive with thinking.


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