Almost Seven Miles

Put in almost seven miles working in a warehouse today. Unloaded almost half of a 40-foot trailer and engaged in all sorts of other odds and ends throughout the day.

I don’t mind manual labor but I prefer to feel like it is my choice and not the only thing I am doing. Mostly because the kind of stuff I am talking about isn’t the specialized worlds of plumbing/electricity/tile or anything that pays more than basic minimum wage.

There is nothing wrong with minimum wage workers who are operating at the top of their capacity or holding something like that because it is better than not having a job. I know because I have done it.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to work somewhere where more than a strong back is required. I need to think and to be asked to hit both the creative and analytical sides of my brain.

Today wasn’t it and I am not sure this new deal is going to hit those places so hopefully this is just a temporary stop on the journey.


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