My parents tell me that when I was a baby I used to cry whenever I heard sirens or other loud noises like the vacuum cleaner.

These days I don’t cry when I hear either one but there are moments where they have a stronger affect upon me than others.

It usually depends on what the reason for the siren is and how conscious I am of my surroundings.

For example when I was 16 forest fires forced the evacuation of the camp I was staying at. We were lucky that no one was hurt and I attribute some of that to the three or four drills we conducted prior to the real thing.

I guess the camp director and administration had enough knowledge and foresight to be aware that there was a reasonable chance that the fire would force our evacuation and wanted to make sure we were prepared.

Thirty years later anytime I feel a hot wind blowing through the mountains I look upwards and check the skyline. Sometimes just the smell of wood burning brings it back to me

Other sirens like Remembrance Day in Israel have a different sort of impact upon me, where the sirens get me thinking but in a very different way.

What Does Any Of This Mean?

I don’t know if there is any meaning or substance in any of it.

I am just doing what I love to do…write.

Almost time to work on more material for TheJackB.


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