This and That

Ever wonder why someone hasn’t done a mashup of Hurt by NIN and Silver Springs or some other Fleetwood Mac song. Something tells me it could be solid.

The current job is still a good bridge to the next thing but I am seriously concerned about what happens if I don’t get something else soon. The big fear is that I’ll have to do more than fight inertia to get myself into something that I really want to do.

It took more than a 1,700 applications to get to this point, so if something better comes along you better believe I am going to take a very serious look at moving to it. Lifes too short to twiddle my thumbs and or avoid taking chances that can improve things.

You can always look at risk and say what if things don’t go right, but what if they do.

I am doing my best to live a life where my regrets aren’t based upon what I didn’t do.


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