Who Has Your Back

There are days where you wonder about whether anyone has your back and days when you are certain.

Sometimes that certainty is rooted in the positive because you know that if things go to hell there will be someone by your side and sometimes you know that if they do, well you are on your own.


Every now and then I flip through my stats to see what’s hot because the way to build traffic is to focus on content your readers want.

During the past three days someone has focused on
Study: Women Are in Charge at Home so I suppose I could provide more content in a similar vein, but thing is, that study doesn’t jibe with how I grew up or live now.

Might be true for some, but not me. More importantly I don’t find it interesting enough to make it a focal point, at least not today.

But I might consider doing more with it anyhow, can’t hurt to think about it.

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