The Lightning Rod

You can accept it for what it is or make it what it isn’t.

Sometimes the heart is certain as is the brain but the choices you make will only break one of the two.

I learned long ago I am the guy who will call down the lightning and hold onto the fence. Fingers wrapped around the chain link fence, sometimes body slumped against it.

Not willing to let go until I have figured out what lies on the other side.

Wander into the middle of the flames, stand there and burn until I am satisfied with what I feel and see. Doesn’t matter what others say because I am driven by something I can’t describe or explain to others.

If it means I stand alone and apart I accept that because I have never found another way that works for me.

Better to be certain of failure than fail to be certain.

You never know how much you can take or how far you can go until you hold onto the fence and stand in the flames. You never really understand that if you can take the beating and ignore the screams you can reach that place that lies just beyond sight.

Long ago I had a dream about a time and place that left me with a peace of mind I have never forgotten. Maybe that is what drives me, a sense that if I keep pushing I can find that island during daylight hours and I can enjoy it with eyes wide open.

Maybe that is why I am willing to do battle with the beasts and to rattle their cages knowing that the path to this place requires me to engage with them.

Some might say it is smarter to try to let them sleep and to tiptoe past them. But if I must engage I choose to battle because that is what storm walkers do.

Alone and apart we wander the world until we find our path and are able to lay down our swords and soothe our souls.


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