The Best Story I Ever Wrote

It is the best story I ever wrote but I haven’t decided yet whether I want to publish it yet. The ‘funny’ thing about it all is I haven’t any ‘metrics’ to use to tell you how or why it is the best story I wrote.

It is just a gut feeling but unlike other times I am not saying screw it. I am not publishing it without a second thought because I want to double-check a couple of things and think about it for a few. The funny thing about thinking about things is how that can impact your feeling about what you have written.

If nothing else I am going to let it sit because it is 8 and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Been out roaming through time and space and I need to take a few moments to grab a bite and chill out.

I’ll be back here in a bit and I’ll definitely do post some new material, only question is whether I’ll decide to include or exclude that tale.

P.S., someone told me they thought the words below were sad and I asked why they couldn’t just as easily be happy. Perspective is a funny thing.

And then all that he thought he was and would be was turned upside down.

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