Been far too busy with a to-do list that prevents me from feeling like I can catch up and taunts me because I don’t feel like I am being productive.

If I take a moment and go down the list it appears that I am accomplishing something and that I might be a little harsh with my criticism, but it doesn’t change the feeling.

What I need is better tech and for a few people to get out of my way. They keep providing more  help but fail to recognize their help is in the form of roadblocks.  Don’t ask me to write things up three different ways or ignore my questions about ways to improve processes.

And don’t tell me that something can’t happen when we both know all it takes is a phone call from one person to make these things priority instead of secondary items. We don’t need meetings for meetings.

We just need to have clear highways or at least I do. I get a lot done given the situation, but I could do so much more.

That is not how I want to live, saying so much more. But give me time and I’ll find the lever to move these guys out of my way.

I am nothing if not determined.

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