Money Well Spent?

I purchased a Big Black Book of information today. It came from a trusted online resource and is supposed to help me gain access to editors at a wide variety of online publications.

In concept it is information I could have acquired on my own but doing so this way saved me a ton of time and energy…maybe.

It really depends on if the information contained within is accurate but I tend to think it probably is.

And since the price was less than I’d pay for a sandwich I figured I’d take a swing at it and see what I find. Thus far it looks pretty good because it is a 60+ page list and it includes advice.

The next step is to pick a few targets and see what happens, ya know, send them a pitch and see if they are open to working with me. It is kind of similar to trying to push a boulder uphill.

It takes a bit of doing to get that boulder moving, but once you have it rolling it gets easier.

In this case it is a matter of establishing credentials and trust, once you have that it becomes easier to secure more work.

Have to build the portfolio, these posts aren’t enough.


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