A Man Of Few Words

I met someone at a family party a few weeks ago that I didn’t particularly care for.  They were one of those know-it-all types who makes a point to try to prove how much smarter they are and how much more life experience they have.

While I am never afraid to engage with these people I try hard not to because there is rarely any sort of upside or benefit to doing so.

The party was no exception.

He spent his time telling everyone who would listen who they should vote for in the next election and why.

Midway through the evening he tried to get me to agree that his position was correct but I refused.

“The election is too far away for me to worry about who I am voting for. Let’s see who the candidates are.”

“You are a man of very few words.”

I looked at him and said I had a couple that might be appropriate for the moment. He asked me what they might be and I said “dumb and dumber” came to mind as did “vapid,” “dunce” and “moron.”

For a moment I thought he might recognize that I was referring to him and then the second was gone because he was off to the races again about the candidates.

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