Another Hit & Run

Been way too busy lately. Life is pulling me in 983,883 directions so I have had to work extra hard to find a few minutes to sit down and write.

Most of the stuff going on would fall into the positive side of the scorecard. Job is moving and things are looking like they might really take off.

Been car shopping and have come close to picking out the new ride, biggest question is trying to decide between an SUV and a sedan, might even dip my toes into the old luxury market, trying to decide if it is really necessary or if I can get all I want within the standard market.

Had a few moments that reminded me that many people suck and not in the ways we want. Wasn’t particularly surprising nor all that disappointing which I guess means I accepted that I have to have my own back because no one else will.

Not really a problem, kind of my preference. Makes life a lot easier.  If all continues as it is going now I’ll see some big rewards that I can attribute to the work and effort I have put in and that is  worth a lot to me.

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