A Fragment That Was Never Used

Sometimes The Wichita Lineman catches me off guard, something about the song touches a nerve and electric shocks course through me.

Can’t tell you what it is about the song that does it, I just know that every time I hear it I feel like there is something wrapped inside the words that I need to catch, some kind of message.

It is not logical or rational and that is problematic because it makes me think that I am kidding myself about what I think I hear or see.

But that is the thing, when I hear it and think that there is some sort of message in it I almost feel like I can see whomever or whatever is trying to send me this message.

It is flash in the corner of my eye, movement that is just enough to catch my eye I am never fast enough to see what or who it is.

And that makes me shake my head and wonder.


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