Deep In The Archives

I don’t look at my stats the way I used to.  Don’t ignore them entirely but I don’t spend much time reviewing how many people came by, what they read and all that other stuff I used to do.

In theory I could and should because it would help me tailor my posts to meet the needs/wants of my readers more closely.  It is a sensible way to grow a blog, but at the moment I just don’t have the time to do that so I would rather just write.

Still every now and then I’ll grab a look just to see what people are staring at.

Today I found someone had been looking at Just a Kiss-You are My Air. It is ten years old and it reminded me how little I knew about blogging then.

Back then I wrote fast and furiously, often updating four or five times per day. Didn’t think about deep linking, copyrights or page analysis.

I just wrote and if people commented it was great and if they didn’t it didn’t matter because the value of a blogger wasn’t based upon number of shares, followers or any of the metrics we use now.

It was just writing/blogging and you liked it, or you didn’t. There was no need for stuff like

But everything changes, can’t step in the same river twice. Doesn’t mean you can’t swim in it again, just means if you go away for a while it will be a different place in some ways.


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