30 Posts Worth Reading

  1. I Double Space After Periods
  2. It’s About How You Love
  3. Why Are Clowns Sexier Than Mimes?
  4. Unfriended…Again
  5. What Is The Proper Length For A Blog Post
  6. A Confession About The Secrets We Share
  7. An Angry Man Meets An Angry Father
  8. A Father’s Wisdom
  9. Read This Post Or The Rabbit Dies
  10. Can You Live With What You Have Done?
  11. Confessions Of The Heart Breaker/Heart Broken
  12. Who’s Got Your Back
  13. The Myth Of Controlled Chaos
  14. The Wrong Reason To Blog
  15. Almost True Tales Of Fatherhood & Other Stuff
  16. There Is A Rhythm To Writing
  17. About Your Aging Parents
  18. Teenagers Are Harder Than Toddlers
  19. What Kind Of Writer Could You Be?
  20. Sometimes You Fight The Devil…Inside
  21. Secrets of The Dad Blogger Cliques & Mommy Blogger Cartels
  22. Facebook Unlikes You
  23. Find The 5 People Who Set Your Soul On Fire
  24. Parenting & The Limits Of Communication
  25. The Last Words Of A Dying Man
  26. “Proof” That Father Knows Best
  27. So What? (When You Skim You Lose)
  28. The Hardest Part of Parenting
  29. Some Writers Ignore The Oscars
  30. You Can’t Fear Failure

Sometimes you have to stay busy or face reality.


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