I Am Not Ok

People ask me if I am ok but I rarely say what I really think.

I am not ok.

It is not a permanent thing and I will be ok, but I am not ok.

Not good.

I know what I need to do to fix and or improve some of it and am doing all that can be done but some of it is beyond me.

Already made it clear that I could use more help and it will or won’t come in. Won’t beg, cry or whine about it.

Said my piece and will focus on what I can because I can’t do more. Help will come or it won’t.

People will respond or they won’t.

Hard decisions coming soon and perhaps harder ones down the path.

It is not good and I am not good.

So I come here and vent a bit and then do what I can to make things work.

I will ok, but I am ok today.


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