What Will Be

My head is spinning with ideas about what might be and what actually is. I see visions of people and places and am tempted to dare them to take a chance and do so.

I see visions of people and places and am tempted to dare them to take a chance and do so.

I won’t beg or plead but I might dare them to kiss me and see what happens. Might tell them the heart doesn’t forget what the brain pretends to ignore.

And then I look out at the mess inside this place and wonder what the hell I am doing because the storm has erupted and I am standing in the middle of it.

No one with good sense should join me, but if they lack sense and go with that crazy urge maybe they’ll take my hand and see what happens.

Or maybe they won’t.

I am a dreamer of big dreams and a realist.

I am a man who is looking for a new place to live that isn’t that far from where I live now, but is bigger because it has to be.

A guy who is riding the storm and doing his best not to drown, who has accepted he cannot control anything but can only do his best to steer his ship.

You can love me or not love me. I can only be who I am and do my best to accept my own limitations and those others operate under.

I am scared of getting what I want and scared I won’t.

But I am not scared to take a chance or I wouldn’t be where I am. Lord knows where I’ll be in a month or two, all could be different.

I stand under the moon and let the rain wash down upon me and the sun to highlight my sins and my virtues.

I sing my song not knowing if any will sing the chorus with me but confident all will be as it should…eventually.

And now a mix of music.

Mr. Blue Sky


The Air That I Breathe

As Time Goes By

Fox On The Run

Kentucky Rain

Kathy’s Song

Late In The Evening

One final note, people stare at you when they catch you dancing in your car to Late In The Evening.


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