Long Week

Been a long week and it is not over yet.

Birthday wasn’t particularly good, mostly because of external crap that happened and was beyond my control.

Wasn’t horrible, but was sort of lonely.

Fortunately I am not one of those people who expects birthdays to automatically be amazing just because it is my birthday.

Got a lot of birthday greetings on Facebook and thought about writing a post about how it is kind of a sad way to receive greetings. I didn’t do it because didn’t want people to see it as a bitter and ungrateful thing.

Because it is kind of cool and fun to get a birthday greeting from such a broad snapshot of people in your life.

But it is also nice to get something more than an FB greeting from the important people. Nice to see some people make an effort to make sure you know you are important.

Still, I like to try and give the benefit of the doubt to people because you never know what kind of challenges they’re facing.

Most people have no clue about the crazy shit going on in my world and those who do understand why I sometimes disappear or am not quite myself.


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