Some of my biggest ‘fans’ show up here to read my words. Kind of makes me scratch my head because they are illogical, unreasonable and a pain-in-the-ass.

But then again I can ignore people with the best of them and you never know when I may choose to start or if I’ll have more fun poking at them because two can play the double standard game.

Or maybe I won’t because I am too freaking crazed with my own crap to spend much time doing anything other than try to survive.

Pulled off a decent win tonight and a couple from earlier this week. Work folk made me angry and I decided to take it out by being relentless about a few things.

Was asked if I ever give up and I said only when I am ready to. That is not totally true, I have been known to let go of stuff far sooner, but they don’t need to know that.

When you poke the bear you need to get bit or bent over and dealt with.

Gah, ready for some smoother sailing, it is coming but it is not easy.

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