Thought I had found a great place to live, but it is looking like it won’t work. Got a potential backup place but that is not quite what I want.

Really would like something that has at least 2.5 baths and is a house or townhouse.

Can’t believe the kind of crazy crap that is going on with all of this. If it was just a house it would be one thing, but it is not.

It is a bunch and it makes me wonder how I haven’t just melted down. Hard to figure out what to do, let alone the right thing to do.

Feels a bit like I am lost and then again not lost.

Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck.

The best part is doing it all alone.

But I will get to the other side and it will get better.  Parts are pretty good already, just need to figure this other stuff.

In dire need of a hug or something.


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