Intolerant & Cranky

I have been told I am intolerant and cranky.  Can’t say yes or no to cranky but definitely intolerant, but of specific things.

  • Almost anything Forrest Trump does or say.  He is dangerous, like a drunk in a china shop who somehow stumbled in and is too inebriated to walk out without crashing into things.
  • Bad sales people.
  • Bad customer service.
  • People who lie to my face.
  • People who don’t lie to my face but lie to me.
  • Liver- Awful.
  • Brussels Sprouts- Awful.

So very disappointing to see, hear and experience some things. I let a few people have it, need to do it to a few more.

Going to update everywhere else I write for no other reason than because I feel like it. Yeah, I am a man in dire need of something.

It happens.


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