An Oaf & A Dope

I saw comments from an oaf and a dope today and thought about engaging.

I am in a bit of a bad mood and so the idea of trolling the two idiots had some interest especially since their arrogance makes them myopic about many things.

But even though it might have been momentarily enjoyable to tweak the dumb and dumber I figured there was no real upside to it. No rewards come from that, no medals, no prizes and no benefit.

And even if there were it I don’t know that I would care enough to do so. Besides given my mood I am likely to go after anyone that looks sideways at me. Got no patience for stupidity or for ignorance.

Really in one of those burn all bridges and salt the earth moods.  About the end of my rope regarding some things, already told a few to go fuck themselves in ways that have finality.

I don’t like being fucked with and can’t stomach some of the bullshit I have been fed. I may be an idiot and a fool about some things, but those are my choices.

Try to force it upon me and I will stick my boot in your ass in a way that won’t be described as loving or inspirational.

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