LeBron The Overrated

Got quite a few people pissed off and annoyed with me because I said LeBron is overrated and suggested that his play in the leastern conference helped pad his stats.

Pushed back and yelled a bunch for being irked about the peasant when they didn’t vote and don’t do a damn thing to make Trumpzilla think twice about his evil deeds.

BTW, I give LeBron full credit for being a good human and doing good things with his wealth and fame. More people should and for that he deserves much praise.

Spent way too much time in Tyler and East Texas today. That will be my salvation or my doom.

Holy fuck, so much going on right now I can’t even tell you. Still not sure how I am holding on, but somehow I am.

It will get better, but I am going to spend more time dancing in the damn fire before that happens.

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