Fat Hunters Continued

So this fat middle aged hunter waddles into his truck and wonders if his wife has noticed his dick gets lost in the rolls of fat between his belly and his groin.

He shrugs it off and figures that a big truck and gun will make up for the shortcomings between his legs.

The poor slob remembers a time when he wasn’t portly but also remembers he couldn’t get most women to pay any attention to him, at least not in the way he wanted.

Some would be friendly but only the biggest losers would give him real time.

Eventually one took mercy upon him but she was never very good to him and would rarely put out.

It made him into angry and sometimes abusive prick or maybe that was just his natural state, not that he was ever introspective.

One day he met a woman through his children’s school and got excited because she was friendly.

She made him feel funny, kind of like his mother used to make him feel funny when she gave him a bath.

Not that he wanted to think about that because she didn’t stop bathing him until he was 17.

Mama’s boy was going to be the pride of grapeland.

Anyway, this new friend made him happy because she didn’t run and scream when he showed up. She wasn’t afraid like those other girls had been and that made him possessive.

He began to think he could get her for himself and started to plan for it. Each day his deepset piggy eyes would focus on her picture and imagine what it would be like to have her.

And each day his fat little hands would curl up into fat fists because he knew there was another man.

It made him angry and played upon his insecurities to think about this other man who didn’t need a truck or gun to prove his masculinity.

He just was and that was unfair to the fat hunter, so he sat back and plotted.





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