So What

Wrote two posts in the last week on the story blog.

Took fragments of fiction and pieces of reality and did my best to weave them together as those pieces seem to do the best with readers.

Survived a brutal week that was five times as hard as it needed to be, but also got some big things moving.

Waiting to see if what I set in motion pays off as it could be a huge game-changer at work. Won’t know for a bit.

There are some real nice opportunities coming down the pike or so I hear so I am trying to keep things going long enough to see if they are as promising as I hear rumor of.

Daughter asked for a guarantee I won’t take any position out of state until she graduates.

I told her I am not looking for one and that I am trying to put roots down for a while but said if the right opportunity came along I would have to be open to it.

Truth is I don’t know what would be, but if you offered me several hundreds of thousands of dollars I would have to at least listen.

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