A Few Things

Someone asked not so long ago if The Shmata Queen and I are married and I laughed. Reminded me of the old days and a plethora of conversations.

When they asked me for an answer I said she’d tell you we are inextricably linked together…forever.

They asked if that meant yes and I said make of it what you will.

When they pushed I said my dear Shmata Queen might not want private business discussed but would absolutely appreciate the push for details.

That being said pushing me for information I don’t have interest in sharing rarely gets a solid response.

And there is no guarantee that trying to motivate me to do anything by walking away or going silent will work as I have spent so many years living in silence and uncertainty I am typically more comfortable than others.

It is not hard to find me but that doesn’t mean it is easy to be with me or get information. I can be prickly and I am not usually bothered by it.

Thinking about doing something more with this, maybe.

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