One Day

One day I am going to have to have that honest, no holds barred conversation and see where I end up.

One day I am going to have to stop pushing it off because there is never a good time and it is going to wreak havoc whenever it happens.

One day isn’t a useful way to look at things because all it does is push off the inevitable and the necessary to a different time.

Soon, we’ll make it soon because it is the only way change can come and it has to.

Time Slip

Going back in time today, ok not really, but when I land, I’ll be hours behind where I am now.

Travel wears me out a bit, I like doing it but it is a mixed bag. Dysfunctional digestive system has its ups and downs.

Thinking about this post over here.

This Is Not Real

I was going to say this is not a real blog but that would be incorrect because it is a real blog and this is a real post.

But it is not real in the sense that you are not going to find my really good writing here because this is just a placeholder a spot I use to encourage you to head over to TheJackB where my writing lives and breathes on a different level.

Been Flying Through Space

Haven’t updated here in a good long while, but that happens when you are playing rocket man.

But I have been around, haunting other places like here:

Read Or Don’t


Been one hell of a ride and run since last May and though the pace has slowed in some ways it feels like it is just getting started.

So I sit here staring out the window and trying to envision what is going to come next and how to best manage it all.

I know I haven’t updated this place much but if you look below it will provide you with a decent list of posts you can use to try and catch up on.

Back Into The Breach

Promotion came through and now the crazy time is just as crazy but more enjoyable,

Got a short window to find movers, get all my stuff together and send it on its way to the next stop.

Funny thing is I don’t have a new place to live picked out yet, but I expect to soon. Very excited and a little bit nervous, but in a good way.