Lonely Days

Seems I am in the midst of the lonely days. Wonder how long this will or won’t last. Could be a while, could be short.



A working vacation isn’t relaxing. Can’t call it quits today and can’t focus as well as I would like.

Restless feeling has me going crazy.

Dancing In Circles

Sometimes it feels like we dance in circles around each other. Sometimes getting closer and sometimes growing farther apart.

In between I catch a hint of a scent that throws me because there is a chemical reaction set off, I smell it and I want more.

A Kiss Once Remembered

You know what the problem is with a kiss once remembered is that some were awful and best forgotten and others… life changing.

The kind where you wanted to do it again because it was so good it was unreal so science demands you confirm.


The burning question is will desire be followed or ignored. It is one hell of a ride and a crazy train at that.

Will the wagons roll or will the gates remain locked.