Harry Potter & Haveil Havalim #226

Harry Potter & Haveil Havalim #226

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs — a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It’s hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term ‘Haveil Havalim,’ which means “Vanity of Vanities,” is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other ‘excesses’ and realized that it was nothing but ‘hevel,’ or in English, ‘vanity.’

Hello and welcome to Haveil Havalim #226, the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince edition. This is a different sort of edition for me. I hadn’t intended on doing it, but a change came up at the last minute and I found myself standing in the on deck circle.

I had several ideas for what I wanted to do with it, but it just didn’t work out that way. So my apologies because this isn’t up to my normal standards. Anyway, if I can find time I’ll update this a few times and try to give it a little more spit and polish.

And in response to some reader emails here are some links to some of the music that I listened to while constructing this. Please be advised that some of these videos are adult in nature. I didn’t have time to go searching for clean versions, so do what you will with it.

Mansions of the Lord
It Was a Very Good Year– Frank Sinatra
I Gotta Feeling– Black Eyed Peas
King Without a Crown– Matisyahu
You’re Gonna Miss This– Trace Adkins
Come Back– Moshav

If this is your first time here, welcome. You’ll find almost seven thousand posts about life, parenting, politics, Judaism and more. Links to some of my favorite posts can be found on the right hand side of the page.

And now on to our carnival:


Many people are questioning some of President Obama’s policies. You can read about some of that at The case against Obama.

Seraphic Secret reminisces about a man from his youth who would scream about and the end of the world and those who do it now in Apocalypse Now and Then.

The Muqata reports about Washington and Israeli Ambassador in Michael Oren hold his ground.

Avi Green presents DC becomes Dhimmi Comics posted at The Four Color Media Monitor.

At the Rubin Reports take a look at A brief guide to the differences between Palestinian Authority, Syrian, and Iranian Strategies toward the West.

While you are there you might be interested in reading The Obama Ideology and World Affairs Part I, II andIII.

Yaacov Lozowick has a must read piece entitled Complicated Afghanistan and Just War. Daled Amos shared Israeli Settlements: Olmert vs. Obama.

Yourish covered Obama ups the ante on “settlements”


I really enjoyed reading Nostalgia Sunday – Asimonim, maybe because I still carry one on my keychain.

Israelity also sent in the descriptive post, Tel Aviv’s Sh*t Mountain Gets A Green Light for Environmental Remediation.

And in technology news you can read Just another ghost in the Wall, a new Internet startup G.ho.st, launched last night by an Israeli entrepreneur and Palestinian software developers.

Batya said I Could Never Understand The Mentality.

Cosmic X relates a number of news stories in his post Truth Sprouts From the Land!

The Occidental Israeli discusses the Haredim and says thatTerrorism Pays. Agree or disagree? Go read it and let him know. Ask Lady Light about Civil Strife in Jerusalem: Protesting a Parking Lot.

Child Ish thinks much of it has to do with boredom.

Tel Chai Nation blogged about the impact of the Gaza war with British Antisemitism in Britain stops arms exports to Israel. Yourish covered it also in The U.K. Israeli arms embargo: Hypocrisy defined.

And let’s not forget the marriage proposal that Meryl included in Thursday Snark News.

Jewschool covered Gaza Soldier Testimonials.

Soccerdad sent over a link I had missed Breaking the Silence: More Rumor & Hearsay. Daled Amos shared Again, The Media Jumps On Questionable Report Of Israeli War Crimes (Updated)

Dave shared A Video Postcard from Hell: The Gaza War Up Close and Personal

Over at My Right Word I had to read about the Erotics of the Occupation twice because I just couldn’t believe it.

Our friend and long time blogger the Elder has The transcript of the “plot to assassinate Arafat” and the story about Hamas belief that they will acquire a WMD within 20 years. Now what nation of non Arabs who are descendants of Cyrus might say that.

Back at My Right Word there are beautiful pictures of the Ohel Yitzhak Synagogue in Jerusalem and don’t forget to read Tourism in Tuscany, Sorry, Make That Binyamin.

My friend Snoopy and co-blogger writes about the mishegahs surrounding road signs in Minister Yisrael Katz, road signs and Zionism. Eric wrote about it as well in Battle of the Signs in Israeli Cities.

In between rooting for the Bruins Ben Yehudah keeps a fine blog in which he writes about many things. One of his recent topics covered the protests, go read The Other Story: Israeli Leftist Rags And Feminazis.

At The Muqata you should read Israel’s High Court Targets Widow and Orphans of Fallen IDF War Hero.

Here is An interesting perspective on why the Palestinians keep saying no to peace deals. And then again there are posts that illuminate A senseless and irresponsible provocation.

Don’t forget to read Religion and State in Israel – July 13, 2009 (Sections 1 and 2) Ben Yehudah discusses an ad right here.

From Solomonia What Olmert Offered Abbas.


I am not sure if there are topics that are more important than protecting children. Chabad offers Responding to Child Predators in the Jewish Community.

A good philosophical discussion can be found in the questions of Isn’t it Enough to Just Believe? – What Does Judaism Think? From Chabad we have Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice
Divine Providence Does!

Mother in Israel has practical tips you can use to keep your food warm and your house cool on Shabbos.

Questions, questions, questions, Is the Ran an apikores, by his own definition?
Don’t forget to read part two.

Lion of Zion brings up the question of Calling a Sinner for an Aliyah.

From the Real Shaliach we have Say it ain’t so!

Ever wonder about how Jews said Kiddush during prohibition? You might enjoy reading this next piece called Booze and Jews: Some fun American-Jewish history ephemera .

One day Donald Trump may be at a bris for his grandson, maybe. Read more at Mazel tov to the newest Jew – Ivanka Trump.

At Schvach you can read Eishes Chayil, that discusses Jewish Women. Child Ish thinks that many Orthodox Jews haven’t spent time thinking about why they believe what they believe. For more on this read Kiruv: Answering the hard questions.

From the Velveteen Rabbi This week’s Torah poem looks at the slaughter of the Midianites through the lens of the newly-released Breaking the Silence report about IDF behavior in Gaza.

The Rebbetzin’s Husband provides valuable information with How to attract people to your shul. Over at Ilana Davita there is a very interesting guest post by Shimshonit about her Judaism. Go read it.

Schvach’s post The Conflicting Demands of Life is definitely worth a read.

In The Pink has what I consider to be a ridiculous invention, a Tefillin sweater. Twenty seven years of laying Tefillin and I have never had a problem rolling up the sleeve. In fact if you buy one I want to speak with you about loaning me $50.

Prof K’s post gives food for thought. Go read The Things That Bring Us Happiness…Not

Use this link to Tweet your prayers at The Kotel. Or you can go here and ask someone to daven for you at the Kotel for 40 days.

I am a bit of a rabble rouser. Correction, I am big rabble rouser. I am often the fly in your ointment, the guy who will press your buttons. So why am I sharing this, well because I almost didn’t include a few posts from Frum Satire.

Let me be clear, I think that Hesh is a good guy and well meaning. But he intentionally writes posts that stir up a hornet’s nest. I know this because I have commented there and been assaulted by a number of the other commenters.

I mention this because I think that some of his commenters are troglodytes that wear Borsalinos and think that halacha says that you can beat a woman for not sitting in the back of the bus.

Anyway, I do not include Hesh as part of that crowd. And now that he has received a ton of press I am not going to include separate posts. You have the link to his blog. Go spend some time reading there. Not every post is controversial.

All the really cool blogs started roughly five years ago, just ask Jewlicious.

A Simple Jew is another one of the old time bloggers. He is among the first bloggers that I read and interacted with. Go take a look at “You Seem To Have Removed Yourself From Your Blog.

What happens when you are almost 30
and you have a list of things to do.

The Real Shaliach has Some important questions. Will someone please ask Mottel to move. I have been blogging here for more than five years now. 😉

The Rebbetzin’s Husband reflects upon the impact of being a parent in Changed by a decade of Parenting.

Take a look at some nice photos at I really should get a tripod.

This is the sort of problem I miss having. Go read A hard day [camp] night and Israeli teenagers – 1; Anglo parents – 0.

Apparently there is a new King of All Media. When you are through with that you can read On Tops and Tales because it is all about the people.

There is something very nice about passing on traditions. Home shuling blogged about bedtime issues.

When I read the next title I instantly thought about my post A Bad Case of Stupid Seems To Be Going Around to be clear there is no similarity other than title, which is why you should read We’re Not Immune to Stupid Just Because We’re Jewish

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of haveil havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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UN Double Standards

UN Double Standards

Meryl’s post UN on Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza: The fix is in brings to mind an old joke.

Dan Rather, Katie Couric, and an Israeli sergeant were all captured by terrorists in Iraq. The leader of the terrorists told them he would grant them each one last request before they were beheaded.

Dan Rather said, ‘I’m a Texan, so I’d like one last bowlful of hot spicy chili.’ The leader nodded to an underling who returned with chili. Rather ate it all and said, ‘Now I can die content.’

Katie Couric said, ‘I’m a reporter to the end. I want to take my tape recorder, then describe the scene here and what’s about to happen. Maybe someone will hear it and know I was on the job till the end.’

The leader directed an aide to hand over the tape recorder, and Couric dictated some comments, then said, ‘Now I can die happy.’

The leader turned and said, ‘And now, Mr. Israeli tough guy, what is your final wish?’

‘Kick me in the ass,’ said the soldier.’

‘What?’ asked the leader? ‘Will you mock us in your last hour?’

‘No, I’m not kidding. I want you to kick me in the ass,’ insisted the Israeli.

So the leader shoved him into the clearing and kicked him in the ass. The soldier was sent sprawling, but rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm pistol from under his flack jacket, and shot the leader dead. In the resulting confusion, he jumped to his knapsack, pulled out his carbine and sprayed the rest of the terrorists with gunfire. In a flash, all terrorists were either dead or fleeing for their lives.

As the soldier was untying Rather and Couric, they asked him, ‘Why didn’t you just shoot them in the beginning? Why did you ask them to kick you in the ass first?’

‘What?’ replied the Israeli, ‘And have you two assholes report that I was the aggressor?!’

That’s the sort of humor that creates a wry grin because there is a perverse truth to it. If you picked up the paper and read that a senior IDF official sneezed on a Palestinian and was being investigated for war crimes you’d shake your head, but some of you would believe it to be a true story.

Some of you would believe it to be true because you have been conditioned to believe that most Israeli actions are based upon malicious intent. But before some of you accuse this post of being the standard polemic I want to draw your attention elsewhere.

The Guardian has some terribly shocking video and an article that has received far too little media coverage.

Video of girl’s flogging as Taliban hand out justice

A video showing a teenage girl being flogged by Taliban fighters has emerged from the Swat Valley in Pakistan, offering a shocking glimpse of militant brutality in the once-peaceful district, and a sign of Taliban influence spreading deeper into the country.

The two-minute video, shot using a mobile phone, shows a burka-clad woman face down on the ground. Two men hold her arms and feet while a third, a black-turbaned fighter with a flowing beard, whips her repeatedly.

“Please stop it,” she begs, alternately whimpering or screaming in pain with each blow to the backside. “Either kill me or stop it now.”

A crowd of men stands by, watching silently. Off camera a voice issues instructions. “Hold her legs tightly,” he says as she squirms and yelps.

After 34 lashes the punishment stops and the wailing woman is led into a stone building, trailed by a Kalashnikov-carrying militant.

Where is the outrage. Where are the hundreds of newspaper stories decrying this action. Where are the editorials demanding justice. How can such a thing take place and receive so little news coverage.
The silence is deafening.

Haveil Havalim #210- Locke, Hurley and Starbuck Edition

Haveil Havalim #210- Locke, Hurley and Starbuck Edition


There are moments when hosting Haveil Havalim very much reminds me of the cabin scene from A Night At The Opera.

There are so many different thoughts and ideas that can get crammed into one of these things. A smarter host than I am minimizes all of the noise and focuses upon one theme. But that is just not how I play this game, or maybe it is my not so subtle way of imitating the guys who wrote that finale to BSG.

So here we are at Haveil Havalim #210, entitled the Locke, Hurley and Starbuck Edition, also known as two dead people and an escapee from a mental institution. My apologies if that doesn’t make sense to you.

One more thing before we go on. Driveshaft was one of my favorite bands. Charlie LIVES! And now onto the carnival.

Haveil Havalim is the weekly “blog carnival” of the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere, created by Soccer Dad and currently maintained by me.


Daled Amos has a heart warming post called Today, My Son Is A Jew. Follow that bridge to Kesher Talk to read the story of a Jew turned Baptist who returned to Judaism.

Shira covered Reward and punishment: Blaming the victim. It is a good topic and well worth thinking about. Remember, if you don’t comment on this post you deserve all that comes to you. 😉

At Achas L’Maala V’Sheva L’Matta there is an essay called Absolving the Casualty – The Torah’s Perspective of Victimhood.

A Simple Jew shared a Question & Answer With Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky – The Next Mitzva.

Drew Kaplan shared Torah on Twitter. Learning in 140 characters or less, kind of cool.

Elms in the Yard reminds us all that it is Rosh Hodesh Nissan, which means that we are just a few weeks out from Pesach. Speaking of Pesach if you want to make a lot of people happy offer to go help them clean their homes.

If you think that is not going to bring a smile to a lot of faces spend a few minutes surfing the jblogosphere and see how many families are gnashing their teeth about how far behind they are in getting ready for the chag. Take a look at The Velveteen Rabbi’s Haggadah for Pesach!

Josh Waxman reviews a haggadah at a post called Introducing the Absolut Haggadah, 2009 Vintage.

Rafi has a post that is going to make a few people I know say huh? The reason being is that they would never believe that someone is going to Kasher Their Computer for Pesach.

I’ll pick on Baila for a moment. Her post about Pesach preparations made me smile. Leora shared some recipes for Pesach.

Come over here to read about The Harry-er side of dating. Somewhere in the archives is a post I wrote about why I think that shidduch dating is shortsighted and problematic, but that is a different story altogether.

Frum Satire has a list of Awkward Shomer Negiah moments which frankly reinforces many of the reasons I am not now and have never been Shomer Negiah. Who wants a hug. 😉

The Real Shaliach thinks Kabbalos Ol just doesn’t cut it. Mottel has some funny comments that kids have made. Judeopundit’s post about Jewish Canadians shows that some people just don’t get it.

LOZ’s post Hungarian Rabbis in 19th C. America reminded me of some stories that I used to hear as a child. He continues his history lesson with Kashrut Scandals and Birkat ha-Hamah in New York (1897) .

We’ll riff of of Birkat Ha-Chamah with Ezzie and E-Book: A Blogger’s Guide to Birchas Ha-Chamah.

At Chabad they ask about The AIG Debacle and if we are losing our morals.

At the grouchy old bear read Why did God tell us to bring sacrifices? (Summary of Sources).

David wants to know Why do Jews push and push and push this?

Aliza wrote about a topic that we need to pay attention to called Latinos against Jews. Better to be proactive and try to get to the bottom of this than to ignore it.

Schvach provides a lesson about Schadenfreude.

Tuvia is involved in The kosher confusion. Ever wonder what a rabbi does in their spare time. (Excuse me while I duck as the 167 pulpit rabbis who read Haveil Havalim are cursing my name. Better watch where I step, hate to be the second coming of Korach.)

Anyhoo, go read The Rabbi Watches YouTube. Home Shuling thinks that there is Something Jewish about breastfeeding.

At Yourish take a moment to review Two quotes on the struggle of Jews.


Eric is concerned about the impact of Labor’s joining the Likud coalition. Dan at Tzipiyah says Im Tirtzu – Bringing Zionism Back To Israel.

Soccer Dad writes about a near miss in Northern exposure. The Israel Situation mulls over a potential missile strike against Iran.

If you aren’t familiar with Tipat Chalav then you should click here and learn more.

Oleh Girl wrote about the Greatest disgrace in Labour’s history. Jewlicious shared 30 Years of Peace.

Canadians in Israel sounds like the title of a comedy bit, but it is a serious post that you should read, eh. For an only in Israel moment go read I Guess They Weren’t Shomer Shabbas.

At Israelity you can read Nostalgia Sunday – Personal care, a post that reflects upon Israeli ingenuity. While I was over there I also read about Milo, the Wonder Dog. Good old Milo would make my daughter exceptionally happy.

Did I mention that they offer to ship Milo to Honduras. On the other hand if they can’t get Milo to you then you have the option of heading off to the holy land to pick him up. While you are there you can partake of a Yom Kef retreat at The Dead Sea.

At Israel Innovation 2.0 you should take a moment to read Israel is the new Israel (Alternatively, if TechCrunch is the go-to online tech publication, will TreeHugger be the new TechCrunch?)

Ever wonder if Olmert’s lightrail is ever going to be completed? You are not the only one.

An important question that remains to be answered is Where will Gilad Shalit be this Passover? Joel Katz sent in Religion and State in Israel – March 23, 2009 (Section 1) and part two.
Time of the Signs discussed Duck/Er Duct Tape. Aussie Dave is checking out the singles section.


Batya has beautiful photos of a beautiful country. Ben Yehuda shared Umm al-Fahm March: Typical Leftist Double Standards and K’far Tapu’ah’s Last Concert Of The Season.

On my blog I wrote a post called Israel & Gaza. It was picked up by Yahoo! I appreciate the extra traffic I’ll never understand how someone can say that they are aren’t antisemitic and then tell me to stop with my “Jew propaganda.”

Of course they are the same people that think that To Serve Man is a documentary about an evil Zionist plot.

At Solomonia you should read MEMRI: Saudi Cleric Khaled Al-Khlewi Teaches Children to Hate Jews and Melanie Phillips: Meet the Real Lobby.

Yaacov Lozowick offered Media on IDF Brutality in Gaza and Israel and Innovation.

Don’t forget to read On Campus: The Pro-Palestinians’ Real Agenda. At Backspin check out the Daily Telegraph’s Twisted Headline.


Psychotoddler returned from exile to issue this insightful post, Battlestar Galactica Finale Impressions. Maybe he should read Treppenwitz’s Announcing spoilers.

Continuing our trip around show business our next stop is at Seraphic Secret’s Hollywood is Burning, Part III: Gauntlet.

Schvach has a post about a different sort of profession. Hyscience offers the troubling Washington Times: Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U.S.

SuperRaizy has named all Seven Dwarves. This next post get’s in because of the following line, how could I eat something that looks like Snuffleupagus’ ding dong, right?

The Rebbetzin’s Husband is packing up The Batcave. Go read OkayIsaidit. Shorty has Earth Hour and random Parashah Thoughts.

Israel Chronicles offers some perspective on laundry.

Someone ought to tell Ben Yehudah that people are people so that he’ll stop this black celebration. Help him at Poll: Should I Go To The Depeche Mode Concert? BTW, someone should tell him to read the first comment here.

Over at Shtetl Fabulous there is a nice rundown about her trip to New Orleans called Keep on Trying Til I Reach the Higher Ground.

Ruti has Geula on My Mind.

More than one reader is going to want to read what Esther has written about Social Media Jungle NYC: My Last-Minute GeekCon Experience.

New York’s Funniest Rabbi’s posts grab me. I enjoyed That Sometimes Grips Me. Chaviva shared a Readership Overview!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.Technorati tags: haveil havalim, blog carnival.

The next edition is going to be hosted by Ima on (and off) the Bima.

Israel & Gaza

Israel & Gaza

The War in Gaza hasn’t really ended it has just moved into a different venue. Now we get to see it taken apart within the blogosphere and the MSM. Not to mention the report filed by the UN.

If you know nothing about the war and rely solely upon these stories and reports you receive a very skewed perspective that lacks context and context is everything. These articles do a very fine job of painting a picture of a Big Bad Israel that is intent on murder, mayhem and mischief.

The lack of context creates a very fine narrative for the sort of screenplay that movie watchers love. You have a noble underdog fighting to free themselves from the yoke of some oppressive tyrant. Pardon me for a moment, I think that I am getting a bit choked up about it.

What they neglect to mention is that the noble underdog helped to create the problem by indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel. Nor do they spend time discussing the actions of the peaceful government of Gaza. You know, the fine fellows of Hamas who like to engage in vigorous interaction with those they disagree with.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think about people who settle their disagreements in such a peaceful manner.
You’ll forgive me for being a bit skeptical about the peaceful intentions of people who treat their fellows in such a fine fashion. But is that video really any worse than watching them use children as human shields.

It really comes as no surprise that certain groups are pushing to try Israel for war crimes or that much of this drama is taking place in the court of public opinion. In an earlier post I pointed out some of the flaws in the UN report and also gave some attention to some of the problems created by shoddy journalism.

But it is always worth noting that journalists are not fail proof and that they do make mistakes. So while the Guardian, HaAretz and others eagerly strive for a hard hitting piece let’s take a moment to consider some of these issues.

Yourish provides one example to review in Is Ha’aretz is pulling a Scott Thomas on us? and Yaacov Lozowick shares another in UK Journalists are Fools and we’ll hit the trifecta with Solomonia’s Who Makes Your News: An Outburst on Tape.

So before some of the fans of The Shack go apoplectic let’s cover a few basic points and then we’ll wrap it up.

The decision to go to war did not take place in a vacuum. No nation will ignore daily rocket attacks. It doesn’t matter how many people are killed by said rockets. There is no relevancy between the decision to defend people and how many are killed or injured by the rockets that precipitated the response.

I have never heard of a war in which civilians were not killed. It is a terrible tragedy and we can say that the victims died a senseless death. But we have to remember that it is war and that Hamas took an active role in trying to create a situation which would result in an invasion.

The problem was that they had their asses handed to them. So when they were unable to capitalize upon the war as a great military victory they switched to Plan B in which they try to delegitimize Israel’s right to defend itself.

Circling back to the topic of context I would anticipate that there are those of you who provide accusations of that being a PR trick. But the reality is that context is not a PR trick. It is the substance that is required to make an informed and honest decision. It is just too bad that so many articles seem to be lacking it.

Crossposted on Yourish.

UN’s “Unbiased Observer” Alleges Israeli War Crimes

UN’s “Unbiased Observer” Alleges Israeli War Crimes

Ynet reports that the a United Nations Human Rights Investigator alleges that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead.

Color me skeptical but the UN is not exactly a bastion of human rights. In fact if you look at who sits on the human rights committee and their supporters you’ll see examples of countries that are human rights violators.

Color me skeptical but the man appears to have taken Palestinian press releases and just regurgitated them on UN letterhead. It is common knowledge that the terrorists do not wear uniforms and intentionally operate from within densely packed civilian areas, but that doesn’t matter to Mr. Falk.

Before we go any further let’s look at an excerpt from the story.

A United Nations human rights investigator said on Thursday that Israel’s military assault on densely populated Gaza appeared to constitute a grave war crime.

Richard Falk, UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said the Geneva Conventions required warring forces to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians.

“If it is not possible to do so, then launching the attacks is inherently unlawful and would seem to constitute a war crime of the greatest magnitude under international law,” Falk said.

“On the basis of the preliminary evidence available, there is reason to reach this conclusion,” he wrote in an annual 26-page report submitted to the UN Human Rights Council.

Falk gave the same death toll from Israel’s offensive in December and January – 1,434 Palestinians, including 960 civilians – as the Palestinian human rights center.

Israel, which lost 13 people during the war, disputes the figures and has accused Hamas fighters in Gaza of using civilians as human shields during the conflict – an allegation which Falk said should be investigated.

Is Falk blind or unable to use the internet. There is raw footage that shows evidence of Hamas war crimes such as the video of them using children as human shields.

Maybe the issue is that he receives his information from biased members of the media such as
Nidal Rafa.

You know who Nidal Rafa is, don’t you. She is the journalist who was employed by CNN. Tom Gross provides a short report that sheds some very interesting information about her partisan approach. It includes a YouTube video in which she verbally attacks a member of the Knesset.

I know, journalists would never be biased. They serve the public by providing an unbiased report of the news. If only that was the case.

To be clear I do not believe that all journalists are bad. I do not believe that journalists who portray Israel or other countries in a negative light are automatically bad. But there are lines and Rafa crosses them far too often.

And when you take a situation where the foreign press must rely upon interpreters I grow very concerned at what is being translated and what is not.

So it really warms the cockles of my heart when I see a fine man like Falk deliver such an important and well thought out report.

Ok trolls, go to town

Hilary Whatever Are You Doing

Hilary Whatever Are You Doing

CNN is running an article in which Sec. of State Hilary Clinton makes all sorts of wacky remarks. Just for fun let’s grab a few selections:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday ruled out working with any Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas if Hamas does not agree to recognize Israel.

In the absence of Hamas agreeing to the principles that have been adopted by such a broad range of international actors, I don’t see that we or they — or anyone — could deal with Hamas,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN.”

Hmm…do we have any reason to believe that Hamas is suddenly going to alter their position. Color me a skeptic but I find that difficult to believe. Israel did a fine job of beating the snot out of them during Operation Cast Lead but that hasn’t stopped them from posturing and continuing their attacks.

“The interview was conducted a short time after Clinton met with Israeli Prime-Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, who does not support an independent Palestinian state, the bedrock of U.S. policy.

Asked whether the United States could effectively work with Netanyahu anyway, Clinton said, “The two-state solution is the inevitable, inescapable outcome of any effort. It is hard to imagine what other positive outcome could be arrived at.”

“Diplospeak.” You have got to love it. Reminds me of Blazing Saddles and “authentic frontier gibberish” which is a good description of Hilary’s comment.

At one point in time I thought that a two state solution made a lot of sense.

I didn’t believe that there was any historical reason for it. It is not like there ever was a Palestine ruled by Arab Palestinians that was magically erased and required restoration to right some sortg of historic wrong. However it seemed to me like a practical solution to a dilemma.

However over time I have become less and less convinced that a two state solution is sensible. In fact at this point in time I fail to believe that the Palestinians will settle for two states, especially the fundamentalists that run their government in Gaza. Remember, those silly old fools whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

So allow me to quote Diana Ross and The Supremes “You can’t hurry love.” I don’t think that we’re in a position to bring about a two state solution, not now. And trying to force the issue as President Clinton did at Camp David is not wise. There are many things in life that require time and preparation.

And I happen to believe that the peace process is one of them. I’d like to see a different approach taken in which we stop pushing so hard to come to a long term agreement. Instead I’d like to see an approach in which small steps are taken to bring about a more peaceful situation. Given some time in which no wars are fought and terrorist rocket attacks are not a daily occurence will go a long way.

It will help establish a foundation of trust that really doesn’t exist right now and without that foundation there is simply no way that the situation will ever improve.

Olmert Reacts to Rockets

Olmert Reacts to Rockets

It makes me ever so happy to know that the U.S. is going to send $900 million in aid to terrorists who continue to fire rockets at Israel. Prime Minister Olmert made it clear that Israel will not allow the attacks to continue and that it will not hesitate to respond.

Funny thing about this CNN report is that it is another example of how the terrorists manipulate the media. Hamas does not wear uniforms. They intentionally dress in civilian garb and operate in highly populated areas.

While it is certain that civilians were killed during the war, it is also certain that a large portion of the 1,300 reported killed in the report were not actually civilians.

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Israel will retaliate against Palestinian-controlled Gaza with a “painful, sharp, strong and uncompromising response” if rocket attacks do not stop, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday.

He warned “terrorists” that they would not be able to anticipate Israel’s moves.

“The Israeli response will — in no way — be what the terrorist organizations expect. The state of Israel has a wide range of options that will be utilized in order to bring complete quiet to the south,” he said Sunday at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Rocket fire from Gaza, which is run by the militant Hamas movement, was the main reason cited for Israel’s three-week assault on the territory in December and January. The air and land campaign left about 1,300 Palestinians dead. Thirteen Israelis died.

But rocket attacks into Israel continue.

Over the weekend Palestinians fired nine rockets into southern Israel. One of them slammed into an empty school in the city of Ashkelon, causing extensive damage. Since the end of the military operation in Gaza, over 110 rockets have been fired into Israel, a spokeswoman for Israel’s military said.”

Israel On College Campuses

Israel On College Campuses

Many Jewish college students have been struggling with the way Israel is treated on campus. It is becoming more common for adversaries of the state to hold anti-Israel demonstrations and activities on campus.

Quite a few of these activities are not friendly gatherings of students handing out flowers and suggesting that we just give peace a chance. Many are populated by rampant antisemitic commentary and false accusations about the misdeeds of Israel. Counter demonstrators routinely tell stories of being threatened, intimidation is routine.

The demonstrations rarely are balanced. You don’t attend them to hear speakers present both sides. They are hate rallies in which the speakers do their best to whip the crowd into a frenzy. They are part of a movement that is doing its best to delegitimize Israel and make it untenable to voice dissent for fear of repurcussions.

UCLA professor Judea Pearl wrote an essay that is worth reading.

…when an e-mail from a colleague at Indiana University asked: “Being at UCLA, you must know about this symposium … pretty bad.” Attached to it was Roberta Seid’s report on the now famous “Human Rights and Gaza” symposium held a day earlier at UCLA (see “UCLA Symposium on Gaza Ignites Strong Criticism,” Jewish Journal, Feb. 11, 2009).

To refresh readers’ memory, this symposium, organized by UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies (CNES), was billed as a discussion of human rights in Gaza. Instead, the director of the center, Susan Slyomovics, invited four longtime demonizers of Israel for a panel that Seid describes as a reenactment of a “1920 Munich beer hall.” Not only did the panelists portray Hamas as a guiltless, peace-seeking, unjustly provoked organization, they also bashed Israel, her motives, her character, her birth and conception and led the excited audience into chanting “Zionism is Nazism,” “F—-, f—- Israel,” in the best tradition of rhino liturgy.

Point of information: In the late 90’s I worked on campus at UCLA and have a few stories of my own about what was happening then. I was confronted several times by male students who suggested that it wasn’t safe for me to disagree with them. Perhaps I’ll share more about this later.

Pearl continues on and suggests that Jewish faculty members should have anticipated this and done more to try and help to steer the conversation so that it wasn’t so one sided. He writes about the many dilemmas presented by a society that tries to protect rocket launching terrorists and decries self defense.

And he discusses how it has become harder to be an outspoken Zionist for fear of the repurcussions.

These are dilemmas that had not surfaced before the days of rockets and missiles, and we, the Jewish faculty, ought to have pioneered their study. Instead, we allowed Hamas’ sympathizers to frame the academic agenda. How can we face our students from the safety of our offices when they deal with anti-Israel abuse on a daily basis — in the cafeteria, the library and the classroom — and as alarming reports of mob violence are arriving from other campuses (San Jose State University, Spartan Daily, Feb. 9, and York University, Globe and Mail, Feb. 13)?

Burdened with guilt, I called some colleagues, but quickly realized that a few have already made the shift to a strange-sounding language, not unlike “Honk, Honk.” Some have entered the debate phase, arguing over the rhino way of life vs. the human way of life, and the majority, while still speaking in a familiar English vocabulary, are frightened beyond anything I have seen at UCLA in the 40 years that I have served on its faculty.

Colleagues told me about lecturers whose appointments were terminated, professors whose promotion committees received “incriminating” letters, and about the impossibility of revealing one’s pro-Israel convictions without losing grants, editorial board membership, or invitation to panels and conferences. And all, literally all, swore me into strict secrecy — we have entered the era of “the new Maranos.”

I am sad to say that I wasn’t surprised by any of this. It is not so long since I was producing daily updates about the War in Gaza. In return I was repeatedly attacked on the blog and via email with some of the most hateful speech I can think of. I was called a racist and a nazi. I was told that the world would be a better place if I died.

People did their best to try and intimidate me. Intimidation is a central part of their tactics. It is what they do best. If you don’t toe the party line, if you dare deviate then you are attacked from every angle. Physical threats combined with attempts to ostracize you socially and professionally.

I’ll continue to advocate fair and balanced of criticism of all countries. Israel can and should be criticized. But when the Anti-Israel crowd continues to include epithets suggesting that Jews should go to the gas chambers and similar hate speech it is impossible to accept their claims that their criticism is not antisemitic. These types of attacks are attacks on all of us and must be opposed.

Unless we take action we are going to read more stories about intimidation at the universities. It is past time to draw a line in the sand and hold the universities accountable for activities that take place under their purview.

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P.S. for those who are interested here is a link to some resources you can use to help educate people.

P.PS. This story from Solomonia is sadly an appropriate addition.

The Inner Workings of Hamas

The Inner Workings of Hamas

It is a relatively short time since the hostilities ended and a mutually agreed ceasefire led to relative quiet, relative being the operative term. Since then we have borne witness to the typical mumblings from useful idiots about war crimes and disproportionate response. They are just buzzwords that are used by people who do not understand what they mean and or do not care about whether they are truly applicable.

Today we heard about more violations of the ceasefire by the kindhearted Gazans who are only trying to survive. But what we rarely read or hear about are the tales of how Hamas really operates.

A JPost story helps to shine a light on this area by sharing stories from captured terrorists. In it we learn about how Hamas used schools to fire rockets at Israel, stole humanitarian aid and how Hamas treats those who refuse to assist them. Let’s take a moment to look at an excerpt or two.

Nuaf Atar, 25, lives in Atatra, in the northwest Gaza Strip, and was captured by paratroopers on January 11. In his interrogation by the Shin Bet, Atar said Hamas government officials “took over” humanitarian aid Israel allowed in to the Strip and sold it, when it is supposed to be distributed for free.

Hamas set up rocket launchers and fired rockets into Israel from within school compounds since the operatives knew that the Israel Air Force would not bomb the schools, he said.
Palestinians who opposed Hamas’s use of their land and homes as launch pads were shot in the legs, Atar added.


Another fascinating account was provided by Raji Abed Rabo, a 22-year-old member of Islamic Jihad and resident of the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza. Abed Rabo told interrogators he was recruited into the organization at the age of 17 and began by distributing anti-Israel propaganda.

In 2006, he joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and underwent military training. In 2007 he returned to Islamic Jihad and was recruited to the Jabalya cell. His job was to conduct reconnaissance and gather intelligence on IDF movements along the Gaza border.
He stored weaponry in his house, including roadside bombs, and was knew of a number of tunnels that were to be used to kidnap and surprise IDF soldiers. He also told the Shin Bet about a large bunker that was built under Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and was used as a hideout for a number of senior Hamas operatives during the recent Israeli offensive.

Hamad Zalah, 29, is also a resident of Jabalya and was captured by the IDF on January 12. During his interrogation, he revealed that together with his brother, he was tortured by Hamas at a headquarters in Jabalya for his affiliation with Fatah and his intention to light a memorial candle for Yasser Arafat.

You don’t hear about these stories. You don’t see the videos of Hamas using children as human shields.

The so called Anti-Zionist crowd doesn’t like to share those stories, fine humanitarians that they are. Not like they chased the fine British police down the street or promoted violence at their rallies. Remember the peace loving demonstrators are just humanitarians who fight for peace around the world.

Ok, the sarcasm is growing old but the reality is that there is an appalling disconnect about the cause and effect of the situation in Gaza. Those who cry for Gaza but fail to exhibit the same concern about Israel are sorry hypocrites. You can’t sue for peace while supporting the terrorist actions of those who sanction murder.

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Gaza- The Dust is Still Settling

Gaza- The Dust is Still Settling

So now the dust is beginning to settle and we can start to assess the results of the war in Gaza. This post offers a collection of perspectives and thoughts about that.

The video above was made by the Libi fund which helps support IDF soldiers.


From the traditional media we have: 

NY Times: Obama Sends Special Envoy to Mideast and Europe

CNN: Week-old Gaza cease-fire is breached

WAPO: Obama Voices Hope for Mideast Peace in Talk With Al-Arabiya TV

Fox: The Smuggling Tunnels are Open for Business!

AFP: Shalit should not be part of Gaza truce deal: Hamas

The Spectator: A British soldier’s view of Operation Cast Lead

The Spectator: The ugly face of bigoted Britain

Financial Times: Saudi warning (is it rude to say Bite Me Limey)

The Australian: Israeli troops were told to kill themselves to avoid capture

YNET: Carter: Hamas can be trusted

YNET: Time to take responsibility

JPost: EU official: Hamas responsible for Gaza

JPost: Israel hits back at war crimes charges

JPost: Caroline Glick Our World: Defending freedom’s defenders

Haaretz: ANALYSIS / Recognizing that Israel’s effort to topple Hamas has failed

Haaretz: Summit on Holocaust: Gaza war legitimized equating Jews with Nazis

Haaretz: Egypt to Hamas: Take Gaza truce before Netanyahu is voted PM

Commentary: A Gaza Post-Mortem

Commentary: Michael Totten writes The Mood in Israel Now



From the blogosphere:

Seraphic Secret shared And the Ladies of Gaza. The FP has How badly did Gaza poison the well?

At Solomonia you should read A Pragmatic Voice and Video: War Protests or Pro-Hamas Hate Rallies?.

Weasel Zippers Red Crescent Says Hamas, not Israel Prevented Their Ambulances From Picking up Wounded Gazans….

Gateway Pundit shared Pro-Hamas Thugs Attack Pro-Israel Protest in Sweden with Eggs, Rocks, Bottles & Tear Gas Grenades.

At the Augean Stables take a look at HRW and Israel: Ken Roth vs. Gerald Steinberg and Jenin Redux: Casualty Figures Reconsidered.

Daled Amos blogged Europe May Finally Catching On To Hamas and Sharansky: Neither Hamas Nor PA Can Be In Charge Of Rebuilding Gaza.

EOZ offers World press ignores Hamas’ media intimidation. I covered Saudi Arabian Hypocrisy.

At Yourish Jimmy Carter: Stooping to new [moronic] lows. Yaacov Lozowick shared So What was Achieved?

Soccer Dad discussed Israel’s legitimacy is debatable; hamas’s is not. At Adloyada read UK govt minister claims Israel cowed BBC into turning down Gaza appeal.

Mere Rhetoric blogged Palestinians Blow The Lid Off Cover Up Of Glorious Hamas Victory and UN Chief: Yeah, I Guess It Sucks That We’ve Been Helping Hamas Shell Israeli Civilians For Eight Years.

Check out Joshuapundit’s ’60 Minutes’ Libels Jews And Israel.

That is all for now folks. Stay tuned for a resumption of light hearted posts about college life, raising kids and assorted odds and ends.

Saudi Arabian Hypocrisy

Saudi Arabian Hypocrisy

So that wacky prince thinks that he can lecture President Obama about the peace process.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (CNN — Relations between Arab nations and the United States hinge on American leaders living up to their rhetoric about commitment to lasting peace in the Mideast, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal told CNN Saturday.”President Obama, in his statement yesterday, said that he’s genuinely making the effort to accomplish a peaceful resolution,” al-Faisal, who served as Saudi ambassador to the United States from 2005 to 2007, told CNN’s Nic Robertson in an interview Friday.

“We’ve heard this before,” al-Faisal said. “We need to see implementation. We need to see facts on the ground change. We need to see rhetoric change. We need to see presence on the ground.”

He said he was encouraged by Obama’s appointment of George Mitchell as Mideast envoy, saying, “Mitchell comes with a track record of success.” But he suggested Mitchell spend some time in the region to make real progress.

“American envoys, when they’ve dealt with the Middle East, have always come and gone,” he said.

“I think it would be wise for Sen. Mitchell … to pitch his tent in Ramallah or in Jerusalem, let’s say, and spend a year, two, perhaps three years on the ground dealing with the daily aspects of making peace there.” The United States’ backing of Israel, in light of the latest Israeli military operations in Gaza, does not improve its standing in the Arab world, he said.

“What happened in Gaza, people have called it a tragedy,” al-Faisal said. “I’d go further and say it was a catastrophe in all aspects of that word. The killing and the destruction was so barbaric by Israel, and unprecedented in a such a small area like Gaza.

Hmm…The Arabic expression for bite me comes to mind. The chutzpah it takes to say this sort of stuff with a straight face is incredible. To place all of the blame on Israel and to wave his finger in Obama’s face is unmitigated gall.

It is really hard for me take any sort of Saudia Arabian peace initiative seriously. They are morally bankrupt, two faced and exceptionally intolerant to people who do not practice Islam. So when I see them try to lecture us or anyone about what we should do I roll my eyes.

Let’s take a quick look at a recent story about child marriage.

(CNN) — The debate over the controversial practice of child marriage in Saudi Arabia was pushed back into the spotlight this week, with the kingdom’s top cleric saying that it’s OK for girls as young as 10 to wed.

“It is incorrect to say that it’s not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger,” Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the kingdom’s grand mufti, said in remarks quoted Wednesday in the regional Al-Hayat newspaper. “A girl aged 10 or 12 can be married. Those who think she’s too young are wrong and they are being unfair to her.”

The issue of child marriage has been a hot-button topic in the deeply conservative kingdom in recent weeks.

Late last month, a Saudi judge refused to annul the marriage of an 8-year-old girl to a 47-year-old man.

This is sick and wrong. There is no justification for this. There is no spinning this to say that it is ok because it is culturally acceptable or religiously ok. Child sacrifiee and slavery once were considered to be acceptable and we don’t do that.

Want another example of their barbarism and why we cannot allow them to dictate morality. How about the time when the religious police murdered school girls fleeing a fire at their school.

Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom’s powerful “mutaween” police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.

About 800 pupils were inside the school in the holy city of Mecca when the tragedy occurredAccording to the al-Eqtisadiah daily, firemen confronted police after they tried to keep the girls inside because they were not wearing the headscarves and abayas (black robes) required by the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam.

One witness said he saw three policemen “beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya”.

The Saudi Gazette quoted witnesses as saying that the police – known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned “it is a sinful to approach them”.

The father of one of the dead girls said that the school watchman even refused to open the gates to let the girls out.

Or what about the fact that 19 of the 911 hijackers were Saudi Arabian. The sad truth is that we can continue to cite chapter and verse about why the Saudis are among the last people to serve as arbiters of morality. Were it not for their oil money they would be a very poor and backwards nation with all of the relevance to the world that the Congo now holds.

If there is justice in this world we will witness the demise of the cash cow that has permitted these intolerant, small minded, bigots and promoters of terror to thrive.

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Gaza Continued

Gaza Continued

There is so much that could and should be said about the situation in Gaza and the hypocrisy exhibited by so many. We could go round and round in circles about the nonsense. We could ask why those who protest the war are not protesting the brutal treament of Palestinians by Palestinians, but what fun would that be.

Instead we’ll share a collection of links that you might find to be of interest:

CNN: Palestinians: 1,300 killed, 22,000 buildings destroyed in Gaza (What this story doesn’t say is how many of those who were killed were terrorists and how many buildings housed weapons or were used as launching pads.

It also doesn’t talk about how Egypt turned a blind eye while allowing tons of weapons to be smuggled into Gaza.

WSJ: Israel Scored a Tactical Victory

Telegraph: Analysis: Hamas did not win conflict but did Israel? (Good questions here. It remains to be seen.)

JPost:‘Hamas torturing Fatah members in Gaza’ (You just had your ass kicked up and down the street, so what do you do. Oh, I know, let’s go terrorize other Palestinians and see if it makes us feel better.)

JPost: Iran renews efforts to supply weaponry to bruised Hamas (Will the world just watch as the leader fomenters of terror continue to try and wreak havoc. My guess is the answer will be yes.)

And now for some blog posts to review:

Mere Rhetoric: Opps! Al Arabiya Accidentally Airs Description Of Hamas Firing Rockets From Al Arabiya’s Own Studio

Yourish: More threats, lies from Saudis

Seraphic Secret: Chaos

Solomonia: Hamas children’s propaganda film reinforces illusion of war victory

War- What is it Good For

War- What is it Good For

Forgive me for using an antiwar lyric for a war I supported, it just seemed fitting. Fitting because like so many others I have been trying to determine what was accomplished. What sort of benefits have been derived by three weeks or so of bloodshed.

We can start with the obvious and ask if Israel was truly able to stop the rockets and re-establish some deterrence. Have they put the fear of God into Hamas and made them rethink their positions on little things like not recognizing the state. Was Gilad Shalit rescued and returned from what Seraphic Secret rightfully calls cruel captivity.

There is an obvious answer to the question of what happened to Gilad. The answer is that he has not yet been rescued and that there have been reports that he was killed by Israeli artillery fire. Until proven otherwise I refuse to accept this as anything more than Hamas propaganda designed and intended to demoralize.

But I will again add my voice to the chorus of those who find it unacceptable that he is still in captivity.

As for whether deterrence has been established, well that is a question that we can’t answer overnight. I tend to adopt a similar position to Yaacov Lozowick who says

“Now we’ve got to wait till the morning after the morning after (I liked Thomas Friedman’s formulation) to see if Hamas has reached a stage similar to the one Hezbullah reached the morning after their morning after their “victory” in 2006. If this morning’s rockets cause no casualties and cease by the afternoon, not to be renewed for years, that’s fine. If they continue, however, even if only in a drizzle, we have to keep on hitting, inaugural parties in Washington or not.”

He is correct. If the rockets continue Israel needs to resume pounding them.

Back on the topic of identifying accomplishments from the war it is also clear that the war provided antisemites from around the world with another excuse to commit barbaric and hateful acts of their own. Just look at this post from Zombietime for a list of events in the global intifada.

In a side note to my Israeli family and friends, this is why you sometimes hear from us about having a voice in what happens. My personal perspective is that I prefer to have the bigots out in the open. I’d rather know exactly who I am dealing with. Not to mention that the sort of scum bag that engages in this behavior would do so regardless of what Israel does. But this does serve as a sort of beard for his/her behavior.

The war made it apparent that we need to work harder on educating the ignorant masses about international law, moral relativism and what disproportionate force means. We also need to be cognizant of how many people are choosing to question Israel’s existence. It used to be that we heard discussions about occupied territory and we knew that part of Israel was being discussed. Now the tune is changing and we’re having more talk about the entire state.

Don’t believe me or want a source for this. Go read this post and report back to me. In the meantime here is are links to all of the roundup and some more posts to read:

1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5, *15, *16, *17, *18, *18.5, *19 and ceasefire edition.

From the traditional media:

CNN: Bodies dug from rubble during Gaza cease-fire (Who else was in there.)
CNN: Hamas, Israel set independent cease-fires
NY Times: Rebuilding Begins Upon a Wobbly Truce
The Spine: Reviving the Oldest Hatred
WSJ: Defeating Terrorists (Sometimes force works)
Boston.com: The violence network
JPost: Yadlin: Hamas likely to keep attacking
JPost: Analysis: The operation is over but the war continues
JPost: Analysis: Europe’s plea for peace ignores the Gaza reality
Mark Steyn: Jew-baiting, then and now

From the blogosphere:

Yaacov Lozowick’s Inventing Your Own Reality.
Omri says CAIR: Complaining About The Anti-Semitic Attacks We’re Inciting Is A “Distraction”
EOZ: I must be much dumber than Olmert
Solomonia: Big Gas Field Discovered Off Haifa
Solomonia: The MSM is the Enemy
Soccer Dad: Report from the front
Soccer Dad: Shiny happy dhimmi – #9

War in Gaza Update- Ceasefire Edition

War in Gaza Update- Ceasefire Edition

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #19.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5, *15, *16, *17, *18, *18.5 and 19.

As a side note Haveil Havalim, the weekly blog carnival of the Jewish/Israeli Blogosphere can be found here. Go check it out as you can be certain that it also contains valuable posts about the war.

From the traditional media we have:

CNN: Israel declares unilateral cease-fire in Gaza
NY Times: Israel Declares Cease-Fire; Hamas Says It Will Fight On
WSJ: Israel to Halt Offensive in Gaza Strip
Reuters: Israel to cease fire in Gaza, no deal for Hamas
JPost: PM says all Israel’s goals in Cast Lead have been attained
JPost: Hamas vows to keep fighting Israel
JPost: Mubarak calls for IDF to leave Gaza (Maybe he’ll see about shutting down the tunnels.)
Haaretz: An open letter to Gideon Levy
Haaretz: ANALYSIS / Israel declares victory in Gaza, but at what cost?
Haaretz: ANALYSIS / The ball is now in Hamas’ court in Gaza
TNR The Things They Carried
Commentary: Thoughts On The Cease-Fire

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continued live-blogging the war.

The Rebbitzin’s Husband: Gaza, Wounded Children and the Tyranny of Liberal/Conservative Labels

At Yourish read the following posts:
British academics: Israel must be destroyed
IDF concludes deterrence has been achieved
Religion of peace and tolerance closes only synagogue left in Indonesia

Omri provides these posts that I encourage you to read:

Breaking: Hamas Launches Last-Second Barrages As Israel Prepares To Declare Ceasefire (UPDATE: Israel Declares Ceasefire)

Israel To Call Unilateral Ceasefire, Declare Partial Victory (Plus: Has Operation Cast Lead Achieved Anything?)

Iranian Cleric: Put A Bullet In Livni’s Head (Plus: Smug Liberal Sophistication Unperturbed By Spectacularly Wrong Iran Predictions, Failed Anti-Iran Efforts)

Firedoglake offers Breaking: Israel Declares “Ceasefire”, cue Rod Serling. At Crittenden read World Gone Gaza.

Surber posts Cease-fire. Shrinkwrapped has an interesting piece called Inverted Cowardice.

Go read Some comments on the “Israel must lose” letter – David Hirsh.

At Israel Matzav Liveblog: Olmert announces Israel to surrender to ‘public opinion’ , Did Israel cave to Mubarak? and IDF opposed cease fire.

From Treppenwitz you have Betrayed. The Occidental Israeli asks Truce? What Truce?

Daled Amos wants to know Did Mony Python Negotiate Israel’s Ceasefire?

At EOZ read Why diplomats don’t get it and British anti-semitism roundup.

WestBankMama has A Gift for the New President. Judeopundit says Iran Gloats.

And from Shiloh Musings The Government’s Statement re: Unilateral Cease Fire.

This will be updated later tonight.

War in Gaza Update #19

War in Gaza Update #19

As a prelude to this I want to link to this post ‘He who cannot defend Liberty does not deserve Liberty’ which is still Well Worth Reading .

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #19.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5, *15, *16, *17, *18 and 18.5.

From the traditional media we have:

CNN: Israelis edging closer to cease-fire agreement in Gaza.
CNN: Israel, U.S. target Hamas arms smuggling
WAPO: Diplomatic Efforts Toward Gaza Truce Intensify
WAPO: On Day of Heavy Fighting, Moves Toward Gaza Peace
Associated Press: Turkish PM: Israel should be barred from UN
Guardian: Syria urges full Arab boycott of Israel as divisions deepen over Gaza
Guardian: US backs deal to reopen Gaza-Egypt border
JPost:’Solidarity during war is Israel’s finest hour’
JPost: ‘We reject Israel’s truce conditions’
JPost: Reporter’s Notebook: An emotional disconnect
Arutz Sheva: “Iranian Unit” Destroyed, Hamas was Surprised
Arutz Sheva: Hamas Offers Ceasefire, Threatens Revenge

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF blog shared Summary of IDF Operations, 16 Jan 2009, 22:00 IST.

Seraphic Secret says Goodbye (Elite?) Iran Unit. The Augean Stables offers BBC Silent about being Terrorized in Gaza: Discretion or Cowardice?

Go to Soccer Dad and read Is the media losing the credibility war? and MacLeod-ing the issue.

Daled Amos asks Will Israel Negotiate Defeat From The Jaws of Victory?

Weasel Zippers has Hamas Storms BBC Offices in Gaza and Uses Them to Fire Rockets at Israel….Says Nothing…..


Washington: Reporters Call Israeli FM Tzipi Livni a “Terrorist” and a “Murderer” During DC Press Conference…..

Israel at Level Ground has a video that shows the downside of firing mortars at Israel.

At Planck’s Constant What is Really Happening in Gaza and Why There can be No Truce with Hamas.

The Atheist Jew Disproportionate Response: By The Media, Protesters, Bloggers, Etc.

Joshuapundit provides The Root Causes Of the Gaza War in Less Than 6 Minutes. Flopping Aces discusses Civilian Casualties in Assymetric Warfare.

Counterterrorism blog provides the low down on Who was Said Mohammad Siyam?

Gateway Pundit has the sad story of Masked Thugs Repeatedly Stab Man For Wearing Jewish Symbol in France. Zombieblog relates to this with January 10, 2009: The Intifada is globalized as the Gaza War becomes a world war.

At Harry’s Place it is Downright weird. At Winds of Jihad Hamas fires rockets from BBC building in Gaza, staff used as human shields, BBC keeps silent…

This concludes the round up.

War in Gaza Update #18.5

War in Gaza Update #18.5

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #18.5.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5, *15, *16, *17 and 18.

From the traditional media we have:

CNN: Airstrikes continue to target Hamas leaders
Economist: But is it a crime?
BBC: Q&A: Gaza conflict
USA Today: Israel intent on razing Gaza tunnels
YNET: Report: Israel, Hamas agree on 2-week truce
YNET: Farmers claim UK, Jordan boycotting Israeli fruit
JPost: UK Muslims call to curb anti-Semitism
JPost: Analysis: Security kingpin held Gaza in iron grip
JPost: Obama: Syria, Iran must be involved in talks
JPost: Aerial evacuation time reduced by 50%
Commentary: Is The Gaza War Ending?

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF blog has Paratroopers Operate in Gaza, 16 Jan 2009, 10:26 IST.

From A Soldier’s Mom US Warning – Avoid the Situation.

At Yourish Gaza briefs, with snark and The Egyptian truce: Hamas wins.

Israel Matzav demonstrates How Hamas educates gifted children and discusses whether there is food in Gaza.

Snapped Shot has An Image, An Analysis. From Yid With Lid OMG !!! British MP Says Hamas is Like WARSAW GHETTO FIGHERS and UNRWA is the United Nations In-house Terror Group.

My Right Word has his own post of links. Amity Shlaes: Israel’s Gaza Venture Hits Chord in Wounded India

I found the following at Solomonia Natan Sharansky: Save Gaza by destroying the heart of terror.

At The Augean Stables you can read Sounds of Sanity I: AB Yehoshua Rebukes Gideon Levy.
Elder of Ziyon shared Muslims pray to destroy Jews, Christians and The list of Hamas war crimes.
This ends the round up. Stay tuned for more.

War in Gaza Update #18

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #18.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5, *15, *16 and 17.

From the traditional media we have:

CNN: U.N. condemns shelling of aid complex
CNN: Third-ranking Hamas leader in Gaza killed
CNN: Arab nations split on Gaza diplomacy
NY Times: War on Hamas Saps Palestinian Leaders
Time: Hamas Ranks Showing Signs of Division
Time: How Badly Has Hamas Been Hurt in Gaza?
WSJ: The No-State Solution
Guardian: Gaza split prompts Arab countries to boycott emergency summit
YNET: Iran: It is not feasible for Israel to live
YNET: Olmert’s ill-advised move
Commentary: Con Denver
Commentary: An Obama Peace Process?
Commentary: An Exercise in Comparing and Contrasting

National Review: Can We Trust the Casualty Numbers?

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF blog has Summary of Overnight Events, 15 Jan. 2009 08:30 IST.

Take a letter, Dear World.

From Mere Rhetoric
Top US Communication Listserv: Hey, How About Some Anti-Israel David Duke Pamphlets?

At Daled Amos Talk Again Of Ceasefire–But Not Of Gilad Shalit? and United Nations Relief and Works Agency: We Employed Terrorists At Palestinian Schools.

The Elder continues to produce posts you need to read such as Fact: Palestinian Arabs lie and Morning news roundup.

Crittenden blogged about The Media War. Soccer Dad asks Who’s getting sapped?

Jewish Current Issues shared Three Posts on Judging and Justifying Israel. Discarded Lies has IDF get another “rich” target: Hamas interior minister.

At Yourish go read It’s not anti-Zionism—it’s anti-Semitism.

Carl and Atlas Shrugs talked about the shelling of the UN complex in JIHAD USES UN COMPOUND TO FIRE AT ISRAEL and.’Palestinians’: UNRWA headquarters on fire; UPDATED: ‘Palestinians’ fired anti-tank missiles from UNRWA HQ.

Jack and Jill Politics has a different perspective What’s Happening in Gaza is Wrong & It Needs to Stop Now.

Back at Yourish read Hamas: Still hurting, still needing to be destroyed. and Mark Regev responds to biased CNN anchor

From Sderoth Some Musings on Proportionality.

Shiloh Musings wants to know why Israel won’t finish off the terrorists.

You might want to read Six wounded, two seriously as Grad hits Be’er Shev.

More idiocy from the protests Ringo’s Pix: Bad Craziness in Los Angeles.

This is not a picture of the latest bomb shelter.

This concludes the round up. More to come later.

War in Gaza Update #16

War in Gaza Update #16

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #16.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14, *14.5 and 15.

From the traditional media we have:


NY Times:Olmert Says He Made Rice Change Vote
NY Times: Israel Says Hamas Is Damaged, Not Destroyed
CNN: Israel tightens grip on Gaza City; Hamas stays defiant
WAPO: Israeli envoy plans ‘decisive’ talks in Egypt
WSJ: Europe Reimports Jew Hatred
WSJ: Ending the West’s Proxy War Against Israel: Stop funding a Palestinian youth bulge, and the fighting will stop too By Gunnar Heinsohn
Arutz Sheva: ‘Cast Lead’ Photo, Video Essay: Anti-Aircraft Gun Inside Mosque
Arutz Sheva: Humanitarian Aid: Reaching Gaza’s Poor?
JPost: US says Olmert’s UN vote story ‘just 100%, totally not true’
JPost: Saying ‘No’ was a mistake
JPost: Red Cross: ‘Israel’s white phosphorus use legal’

Jefferey Goldberg: Does “Black Hawk Down” Portray an American War Crime?
Daily Dish: The Iran-Hamas Axis, Ctd.

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF provides video of a “Weaponized Mosque.”

Much has been made about how this offensive is going to backfire because it will create more hatred. Yaacov takes that on in a post called Sowing Eternal Hatred in which he evaluates whether that theory is true or not.

Read about The Red Mosque of Death at Seraphic Secret.

Yourish has the story about Hamas to CSM: We won’t stop firing rockets, even with a truce.

The Elder has The war against Starbucks and Another terrorist “civilian”.

Zombietime has pictures of a protest in San Francisco.

Gateway Pundit told us Neo-Nazis Join Pro-Hamas Rally In Calgary. GP also shared this crazy story and video Muslim “Peace” Protesters Chase UK Police Down Street Screaming “Run You F**king Cowards!” (Video)

Foreign Policy Watch covered Not Exactly Rocket Science, but Close.

Solomonia tipped me off to Barry Rubin: The Peace Process is in Jeopardy? I Wonder Why!

Confederate Yankee blogged Red Cross Confirms the Obvious: Israeli White Phosphorus Smoke Shells Used Legally in Gaza; Hamas Docs Continue Propaganda Efforts.

From Nad Ned Nad Ned, The Many Ways It Touches Us.


Shakesville wrote Open Thread on Israel Strike on Hamas, Part III. The folks at FDL are still foaming at the mouth in Gaza Update: Israel Whitewashing White Phosphorous. They must not have read Soccer Dad takes on the White Phosphorus Lies.

At DB check out A Triumph of Wishful Thinking.

Steg wrote a post about A JNF Rabbinic Solidarity Mission. At Shiloh Musings you can read Maybe Israel Tries Too Hard Not To Injure Gazan Civilians.

The Belgravia Dispatch shared Of War, and Tent Hospitals. Daled Amos covered Hamas In Hiding: Who’s Afraid? Not Us! and The West Wins If It Lets Israel Win.

Vengeful Zhid asks Why can’t Jews be treated like Muslims?

The Rebbitzin’s Husband has An answer for Mick Verran – A Peace Compromise. A Soldier’s Mother blogs Stop While You Are Ahead.

Want to know why you should come to Israel? Read this and find out more.

This ends the round up. Follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TheJackB.

War in Gaza Update #15

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #15.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14 and 14.5.

From the traditional media we have:

CNN: Israel tightens grip on Gaza City; Hamas stays defiant.
NY Times: Israelis United on War as Censure Rises Abroad
WSJ: Mubarak Struggles as Middleman in Gaza Cease-Fire Effort
Telegraph: Analysis: Egypt key to Gaza breakthrough
Commentary Magazine: An Obama Peace Process?
Commentary Magazine: The Economist vs. Israel
JPost: Haniyeh: We’ll deal positively with any cease-fire initiative
JPost: Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies
JPost: Leaflets may counter ‘war crime’ claims

Just for kicks take a look at this story from CNN about what was happening in Gaza in January of 2006. Just a few months after the disengagement the world watched as the following took place:

  • Three Palestinian government offices were occupied by gunmen.
  • Armed militants detonated explosives in a United Nations club.
  • Three British nationals were kidnapped at gunpoint.
  • An Italian man was abducted.
  • Two rival families unloaded weapons at each other in a personal dispute.
  • A Palestinian police officer was killed in a shootout between police and militants.
  • The Palestinian-controlled border crossing was shut down by police angry at the death of their colleague, prompting European Union monitors to leave.
  • Palestinian police took over government offices in their continuing protest.

From The Blogosphere we have:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war.

The IDF Blog has a summary of today’s events and a picture of weapons discovered in Gaza.

Yourish has Iranians pulling Hamas strings and We are all Georgians now. Over at Seraphic Secret there is a Gaza Flashback.

Speaking of flashbacks here are a few things that some of you might remember:<object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/m7ULKE9Lv3Q&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&feature=player_embedded&fs=1″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/m7ULKE9Lv3Q&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&feature=player_embedded&fs=1” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

In this post here I said that I was wrong about the disengagement. I made a big mistake in my stance about it, but I learned. That leads to a post that Daniel Gordis wrote about making mistakes. Here is an excerpt to share with you:

“But sometimes mistakes are worth making. Take the Disengagement. It is now clear that the Disengagement from Gaza was a horrifying, costly and still painful mistake. But – and I realize that this is not a popular position – it was a mistake that Israel needed to make. It was the mistake that proved, once and for all, that the enemies we face have no interest in a state of their own. They just want to destroy ours. That is what Israelis learned, now without a doubt, as a result of the Disengagement. There’s almost no one left around here myopic enough to imagine even for an instant that further retreats will get us peace. OK, there are still a few arm-chair peace-niks in the States, insisting that there is simply no conflict that cannot be resolved. But here? Precisely the opposite. Now we know that the right was correct – further retreats will only embolden our enemies. They’ll demand more. And more. Until we’re gone.

The benefits of that lesson are understandably of no consolation to the families who paid so dearly in the summer of 2005, who are still living in temporary housing, whose marriages didn’t survive, whose livelihoods have never been restored, whose children hate the country that did that to their parents – but despite all that, the Disengagement was probably a horrifying mistake that Israel needed to make. For now we know, even those of us (and I include myself) who were naïve enough to imagine something else. Peace is not around the corner. Peace is not a year or two away. Peace is not possible. Not now. Not a year from now. Not a decade from now. Because their issue isn’t a Palestinian State it’s the end of the Jewish one. We learned that through the mistake we made in 2005, a mistake that we probably needed to make.”

Back to the update.

At Mere Rhetoric you should read:

Video: Hamas Broadcasts Tells Gaza Children To Form Human Shield Around Weapons Cache

Israeli Flag Now Functionally Illegal In Germany And Britain Because It “Provokes” Violent Anti-Semitic Mobs

Iranian Mullahs Wringing Their Hands As IDF Dismantles Hamas’s Army (Plus: NPR Wonders About “Real Connection” Between Iran And Hamas)

The Volokh Conspiracy shared this ditty about the New York Times. The Spine has a post called In The Conflict.

The so called progressive blogs make me wonder if there is a single person in there who has a shred of sense. I know that is not nice and I have said many times that you can criticize Israel without being antisemitic, but this crap here makes me wonder if the progressives are capable. Moral relativism, hypocritical positions about humanitarian crises and remarks that show they are ignorant about the history.

Dr. Helen discusses Anti-semitism is mainstream. Daled Amos has Hamas: Democratically Elected, Yet Illegal and Gaza: Where Is The Exit? (Updated).

Soccer Dad takes on the White Phosphorus Lies. Yaacov jumps into the questions about ceasefires in Are Ceasefires Good?

Israel Matzav shares Why Israel is playing hardball with Hamas. The Elder has the Hamas Lie of the Day and Al Jazeera sermon: “Allah, kill all the Jews”.

At the Right Truth read The dogs that are not barking. Don’t forget to see what is happening at some of the protests Non-Jewish Pro-Israel Couple Attacked By Muslim Mob in NYC 1/11/09.

From At Level Ground ‘One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other’ .

At Jewish Current Issues read Netanyahu Bloggers Conference Call and Moral Questions in War.

Daniel Saunders covered a Pro-Israel Rally in London. Good News from Israel shared Pictures of Israel Support Rallies from around the World.

Frume Sarah shared Word Selection. Letters of Thought has CNN’s iReports lets vile Antisemitism through – “Thank you Hitler”.

At Shiloh Musings you can read The Truth About The IDF, Operation Cast Lead and Youtube. On the Fringe submitted Doesn’t a brick to the brain kill just as readily as a bullet?

Baka Diary discusses Why Children Die In Gaza. Soccer Dad blogged Leave hamas alone.

Check out Jewlicious The Need for Israel Solidarity Rallies and Anti-Semitism and Gaza.

Gateway Pundit discusses Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas, Far Left Rally in San Fran… and Islamists Chant “We Want to Kill All the Jews” At ….

Some more posts to go read Today I Am A Jew!, from Adloyada “We are all Hamas”: the real voice of its messengers in London.

This ends the round up. Follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TheJackB.

A Summary of The War in Gaza

After about two weeks of the War in Gaza I feel qualified to give a short summary of what is going on in the following outline.

  • Israel initiates Operation Cast Lead to end the rocket attacks from Gaza.
  • There is an outcry about disproportionate force. World angry that more Israelis are not dead. Why should Israel be angry about dead Israelis.
  • Hamas leaders show up on Al Jazeera and in other media outlets where they praise the “resistance” and promise death to Israel.
  • Israel demonstrates it learned from Lebanon war in ’06 and makes real progress.
  • Useful idiots around world again cry about disproportionate force. Angry that only a few Israelis have died.
  • Hamas leader show up on television. Praise resistance again and use fiery rhetoric claiming great successes and maintain that the end is near.
  • Israel continues to beat the terrorists. Demonstrable progress is made.
  • More useful idiots cry about disproportionate force. Join together in a march to say that they are all useful idiots.
  • Hamas leader back on television. Swears by Allah that victory is close and that even if it is not, the peace process is done. But it doesn’t matter because Allah will bring victory. BTW, did I tell you that God is on our side.
  • More success on the battlefield for Israel.
  • Antiwar protests filled with antisemitic slogans. Blogosphere filled too. Useful idiots say that there is a small problem with antisemitism, but it doesn’t matter because Israel should be shunned.
  • In between all of this various newspaper articles and opinion pieces supporting Israel appear. Useful idiots moan and cry that this is indicative of bias. Antisemities claim that this is proof that Jooz run the media.

Rinse, Repeat and continue. You get the picture.

Crossposted on Yourish.

War in Gaza Update #14.5

Here is a quick update on the War in Gaza.

Enclosed in this post is more news about the shocking incidents of antisemitism at protests in countries around the world. Don’t let anyone fool you when they say that it is only about protesting against Israeli actions. If that was the case synagogues wouldn’t be vandalized, Jews in Britain wouldn’t write about feeling unsafe and scumbags wouldn’t yell “Jews to the ovens.”

Every country can and should be criticized, but if that is all that was going on we wouldn’t have those stories would we.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5, *14.

From traditional media we have:

CNN: Israel calls for ‘further patience’ to meet Gaza goals.
WAPO: Peace Is No Longer in Sight
NY Times: Israeli Troops Push Into Gaza City in Day of Fierce Fighting
Guardian: British Jew: I Don’t Feel Safe in England
YNET: Mashaal rejects int’l presence in Gaza
YNET: Media war on ‘Nazi’ Israel
YNET: Jewish communities fear escalation of anti-Israel protests
JPost: Iran warns Hamas not to accept Egyptian truce proposal
JPost: Fatah Leader: Hamas Are Criminals
JPost: Analysis: Closing in on the Gaza goals

From The Blogosphere we have:
Video of a school that was booby trapped by Hamas. If you don’t speak Hebrew it is subtitled.

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war.

The IDF Blog has a summary of today’s events. Here is a brief excerpt:

“We continue to face an insane reality of booby-trapped tunnels and booby-trapped schools. In one neighborhood of 150 homes, over 30 homes were found to be rigged with explosives,” IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Avi Benayahu said. “Hamas is booby-trapping every home that is abandoned by its residents.”

The IAF targeted nearly 60 Hamas targets in Gaza throughout the day, including:

  • Over 20 smuggling tunnels along the Rafah border
  • Approximately 15 cells of armed gunmen
  • Seven weapons production and storage facilities
  • Several rocket launching sites, including the launcher used to attack Be’er Sheva in the morning

The Rebbitzin’s Husband has Wake up, Jon Stewart, here’s a Border Crossing Chronology. Michael Totten says Hamas is threatening to kill International Peace Keepers.

Seraphic Secret shared Hamas and their Many, Many, Human Shields. Yaacov Lozowick discussed Owning the Dead Children and NYT: Yes, Hamas Fights Dirty.

From Soccer Dad, Shiny Happy Dhimmi #8 and Both sides now.

Gateway Pundit offers German Police Rip Down Israeli Flag to Cheers of “Allahu Akhbar” (Video) and Vandals Deface 3 Chicago Synagogues– “Death to Israel” Painted on Walls.

Yourish has Hamas: On the run, not on the ropes. The Jewish Policy Center covered the Palestinian Civil War in Gaza.

Doug Ross has video of Hamas Kidnapping Children to Use As Human Shields.

At TMV Obama’s Silence on Gaza Has Already Tarnished His Halo: Rue 89 of France.

Go visit the Elder to read Arab world not happy with Hamas, Outright anti-semitism in Denmark “peace” rallies and Outright anti-semitism in Denmark “peace” rallies.

The Sand Monkey says that Israel has made a terrible mistake.

From Daled Amos Adding Balance To The Disproportionate Debate On “Disproportionate Force” and Video: Humanitarian Aid To Gaza Includes Hamas Uniforms.

Israel Matzav had these posts Video: ‘Bombs are more precious than children,’ Hamas calls on Gaza kids to form a human shield and Even the Muslims get it.

Backspin has its take here. Nad-ned Nad Nad-Ned blogged about The Many Ways It Touches Us.

Here is a picture from our correspondent at the Israel rally in Los Angeles

This ends the round up. Stay tuned for more.

War In Gaza Update #14

Here is a quick update on the War in Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5.

From traditional media we have:

CNN: Hamas rocket team leader killed, Israel says
CNN: Israel resumes Gaza offensive after lull
WSJ: Muslims Against Hamas
LA Times: Hamas Commander Killed
LA Times: Hamas’ war crimes
Daily Mail: Protesters clash with police as London Gaza demo descends into violence
Daily Mail: Violent Gaza protests reveal how gentle civilised Britain has Become very ugly
Haaretz: IDF: Hamas fighters beginning to desert; army steps up Gaza offensive.
Haaretz: Meshal: No truce until IDF ends Gaza op, opens border crossings
JPost: IDF: 300 Hamas operatives killed in Gaza
JPost: Obama won’t deal with Hamas, ‘Post’ told
JPost: ‘Definitions skew civilian casualties’
Mark Steyn: The ‘Oldest Hatred’

Some videos that are worth watching:


From the blogosphere:



Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF Blog has a map that outlines how an entire neighborhood was rigged for war.

Doug Ross, It is the Zionist’s Fault.

Harry’s Place: “Hey! Ho! Israel Has Gotta Go” and Israeli Arabs and Jews rally for coexistence.

Gateway Pundit shared PRO-GAZA PROTESTERS RIOT IN LONDON… Police Attacked.

Omri offered European Muslims Doing Their Best To Cleanse France Of Jews.

Comments From Left field has Context Matters. I know, not fair to say that reading it is like a trip to the Twilight Zone.

My blog features Dueling Protests in Los Angeles. Or read LA Hamas Supporters Scream: “Long Live Hitler- Put Jews In the Ovens.

Solomonia has What the Fight’s About and The BS War.

Don’t forget to check out Martin Kramer: Richard N. Haass and Hamas, Rachel Marsden: The Biggest Lies About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Stephanie Gutmann: Israel in the Balance, Finally, some good news on the portrayal of Israel in the media.

American Powerblog has Newshoggers and the Neo-Totalitarian Left. Bookworm blogged A Swiftian view of the death of Palestinian children.

From No Quarter we have Liberal Anti-Semitism.

This marks the end of the round up.

Regarding Comments

In almost five years of blogging and more than six thousand posts I have experienced only a few occasions in which I had to turn on comment moderation. Most of the time it has been a brief method of preventing a bout of comment spam.

On the whole I have a pretty liberal comment policy. This is not a zone in which I demand that everyone agree with me. It hasn’t been uncommon to find posts in which the commenters and I have diametrically opposed opinions. And that is ok, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.

Within the past two weeks or so this blog has been hit with some of the most vile remarks I have seen. More than a few of you slugs have suggested that I die a horrible death. It really is heartwarming, although I must admit that I have been disappointed at the lack of creativity in the suggestions.

Sadly I must draw the line at allowing that sort of hate speech to be posted here. So I must make a comment about the policy. Think of it if you will as the Animal House policy, “They can’t do that to our pledges, only we can do that to our pledges.”

That is my way of saying that I hold final say on all comments. My decision, end of story. Don’t care if you don’t like it. Go start your own blog or grab a soap box and a bull horn.

One more quick remark. I have been jammed for time and haven’t been as good as normal about responding to comments. My apologies for this, I am endeavoring to improve upon it.

Dueling Protests in Los Angeles

Here is some very disturbing footage from two dueling rallies in Los Angeles. At around 4:38 in the video several of the Pro-Hamas protesters chant things like “Long Live Hitler” and “Jews in Ovens.” It is not unlike what happened at a number of other rallies around the country and the world.

We had two correspondents this rally that verify that the men highlighted in the video were not alone in these disgusting chants. You can disagree with the war. You can list all of the reasons and allege that there is a humanitarian crisis because of the war. But if in the process you gleefully cite the Holocaust and suggest that it was a good thing you lose all credibility.

Nice job scumbags. I hope that you’re proud of yourself.

War in Gaza Update #13.5

And we are back with another round up of news and information about the War in Gaza.
Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13.

From traditional media we have:

CNN: Hamas rocket team leader killed, Israel says
CNN: Israel resumes Gaza offensive after lull
CNN: Israel, Hamas brush off U.N. cease-fire resolution
NY Times:Israel and Hamas Rebuff U.N. Cease-Fire Call
Guardian: UN levels war crimes warning at Israel
JPost: Analysis: Time running out for an escalation Israel’s leaders don’t really want
Commentary: Three Questions About “Disproportionate Force”

A quick selection of posts from around the blogopshere.

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war.

The IDF blog Captured Hamas Intelligence, 9 Jan 2009, 16:26 IST. They also provide the rocket range map below:

Seraphic Secret covers Unforseen Sanity: Cease Fire Rejected. It includes a special section on women’s shoes, which as my long time readers know is a mystery. That is, why do women need more than three pairs. But I digress.

Yourish says UNSCR 1860: Not worth the paper it’s written on. Omri blogged MSM Headlines Blame Israel For Scuttling UN Ceasefire That Hamas Unequivocally Rejects and Compare And Contrast – Israeli Vs. Hamas Cell Phone Messages To Civilians

Jason Maoz asks What Did Moshe Yaalon Really Say? At Powerline Dan Diker: A deterrent restored?

Surber asks Neville Obama? Bookworm states Let’s hope Obama is smarter than his followers about Gaza

From Daled Amos Is Obama Planning On Talking To Hamas? and The Cynical Approach: Gaza Conflict Is Meant To Distract World From Iran.

Lisa Goldman has Haniyeh and His Israeli Sisters and an article about media coverage in Israel.

Posted on Soccer Dad by Daled Amos Yes, It’s True: The Lives Of Palestinian Civilians Are Secondary To Saving Israeli Soldiers.

Click here to see Operation Cast Lead: Fallen IDF Soldiers.

From Shinkwrapped we have An Endless War? and Gaza and the Palestinian Hostile-Dependent Adolescent.

At The Augean Stables Arab “moderates,” demopathy, and the incomprehension of media moralism.

From the Elder The advantages of craziness and Hamas shoots mortars at aid convoys, no one cares.

Bonus post from The Elder Al Aqsa’s late night porn.

Solomonia has The Last Angry Mensch (A Boston Supports Israel…Rally?)

Soccer Dad points out the benefits and value of having blogger coverage.

This concludes the round up. Stay tuned for more updates

War in Gaza Update #12.5

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #12. It is part of the continuing series of news and information about the War In Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12.

Within the MSM we have the following selections:

CNN: U.N. suspends aid work in Gaza.
WAPO: Jimmy Carter: An Unnecessary War (Sorry, the man’s enormous ego prevents him from making unbiased observations.
WSJ: The Jews Face a Double Standard
NY Times: Gaza War Role Is Political Lift for Ex-Premier.
NY Times: Israelis Honor Fallen Soldiers, While Seeing the Gaza Campaign as Justified.
Haaretz: Hamas executes ‘collaborators’, restricts Fatah movement.
Haaretz: ANALYSIS / Excellent intel on Gaza shows Israel learned from its errors in Lebanon.
Haaretz: Israel’s PR war.
YNET: Merkel says Israel security key for Gaza ceasefire.
YNET: IDF discovers Hamas booby-trap map

Israellycool and The Muqata are still liveblogging the war. The IDF Spokesperson blog continues to provide updates as well.

At Yourish I recommend you read Hamas targets schools, world is blind, deaf, and dumb on topic, He writes what I think and How soon they forget?

Over at Soccer Dad Aint nick’s boomerang and The Watcher’s Council Nominations.

Go check out Humor During War. Israel Matzav shared Red Cross attacks Israel over Gaza find and discussed the Vatican’s remark.

At Hot Air you can read Palestinians try opening a second front. At The Week spend a moment looking at Why Democrats recoil from Gaza.

Crittenden shared Gaza, Trash Heap of Moral Authority, including comments about Jimmy Carter. Don Surber has remarks about Carter’s comments at Jimmy the joke. So does A Blog For All: Foolish Evil Anti-Semite Rant of the Day: Jimmy Carter.

While you are there go read Operation Cast Lead: Day 13. Here is one more from Soccer Dad about Jimma.

Seraphic Secret wrote It Can (and is) Happening Here. Irshad Manaji writes Palestinian leader: “Fatah and Hamas come from the same root”.

Gateway Pundit offered Surprise– Iranian Regime Repeating “Banned Weapons” Hoax. At Writes Like She Talks- Gaza, Israel: Who you callin’ one state?

Here is an interesting post From blogger to intrepid audio diarist for the BBC.

Mother in Israel submitted Updates and list of injured soldiers and civilians. At Shiloh Musings No Time For Truce–Israel Attacked From Lebanon!

My Right Word shared Dr. Chesner on “War and the Parental Instinct to Protect” and Here’s A Great Support Group Initiative.

This concludes the round up. We’ll try to update this later.


War in Gaza Update #12

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #12. It is part of the continuing series of news and information about the War In Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5.

YNET: Rocket barrage hits northern Israel.
YNET: Israel slams cardinal’s ‘concentration camp’ jibe
Haaretz: Hamas executes ‘collaborators’, restricts Fatah movement
Haaretz: At least three Lebanon rockets hit north Israel
JPost: Analysis: As the diplomats falter, IDF focuses on Philadelphi
JPost: Yahalom unit commander: More tunnels than Lebanon
JPost: Daniel Pipes:Solving the “Palestinian Problem”
Washington Post: Hamas Pulling Back Into Crowded Cities, Beckoning Israelis
CNN: Zakaria: Israel should end campaign in a few days. Note-He says Israel was justified going in.
Bloomberg: Mideast Peace Rests With Arabs, Not U.S., Europe: Bernard Lewis
Times Online: Israel acts because the world won’t defend it
Jeff Jacoby has identified it, Yes, it’s anti-Semitism. Before people go off half cocked let me provide a quick excerpt:

CRITICIZING Israel doesn’t make you anti-Semitic: If it’s been said
once, it’s been said a thousand times. Yet somehow that message doesn’t seem to
have reached the hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who turned out last week to protest Israel’s military operation in Gaza. As their signs and chants made clear, it isn’t only the Jewish state’s policies they oppose. Their animus goes further.

Demonstrators chanted “Nuke, nuke Israel!” and carried placards accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and bearing such messages as: “Did Israel take notes during the Holocaust? Happy Hanukkah.” To the dozen or so supporters of Israel gathered across the street, one demonstrator shouted: “Murderers! Go back to the ovens! You need a big oven.”

Israellycool and The Muqata are still liveblogging the war. The IDF Spokesperson blog continues to provide updates as well.

Yaacov Lozowick has this to say Bloggers vs. Hacks.

Israel Matzav shared Breaking: War in Lebanon?, Video: How Hamas operates within a civilian population and IDF warns Philadelphi corridor residents to flee.

A Soldier’s Mother shared Spoke to Elie…finally.

Daled Amos shared One Jerusalem Conference Call With MK and Brigadier General Effie Eitam. The Elder has Terrorists brag about causing Gaza civilians to die and Do explosions look like this?

The aptly named What War Zone wants to know How Does One Find a Good Hamburger During a War? AM I ASKING SO MUCH???

Westbankmama says No Religious, No Secular, We Are All One Here. At Plancks Constant you can learn Why Hamas Is Not Allowing Wounded to Leave Gaza.

Have you wondered about the Cyber war? Israel 21c Offering protection in the new cyber war.

Jewlicious shared links in Happy Reading. From Stop The ACLU, ANSWER: We’re not anti-semitic, we just hate all Jews.

Have you ever wondered How the Gaza Tunnels into Egypt Work. Over at Okielife we read Israel has a lot of patience: Fire 5000 rockets into Texas and ALL the terrorists would be tracked down by nightfall.

Preemptive Karma just found out about the Digusting actions of some of the protesters. This goes beyond the pale. It is one thing to criticize Israel, but to say that Jews should go to the ovens is another. And the reality is that antisemitism is running rife through many of these protest groups. Not just shameful, but troubling.

Don’t forget to read Shocking usage of human shields, Hamas packs a roof over missiles filled home.

Shiloh Musings has a list of the wounded.

This concludes the round up. It will be updated later on.

War In Gaza Update #11

Welcome to Gaza Update #11. We continue in our effort to provide a comprehensive round up of news and information about the War in Gaza. Our news gathering efforts include but are not limited to reviewing sites such as Memeorandum, general surfing of the net and tips from readers.

Within the last week thousands of visitors have spent time reviewing the round up.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5.

CNN in a shocker reports Al Qaeda message blames Obama, Egypt for Gaza violence.
The New York Times has Israel Puts Media Clamp on Gaza
More NYT For Israel, Lessons From 2006, but Old Pitfalls.
The Telegraph has an entire section devoted to Israel, including links to some bloggers.
More from The Telegraph Analysis: Will Israel call a Gaza ceasefire?
Reuters EXCLUSIVE-Gaza headmaster was Islamic Jihad “rocket-maker
YNET reports:
PM: No to 48-hour ceasefire, yes to American initiative.
Rice gives support to Mubarak proposal on Gaza.
Egypt announces Israel-Hamas truce plan.
Hamas built underground city.
Christopher Hitchens: Gaza could have been a model of the future Palestinian state.
Michael Totten on Journalistic Malpractice.

Mark Steyn on Judeophobic Logic.

Israellycool and The Muqata are still liveblogging the war.

American Power discusses the Necessity of Peace. I enjoyed the story of Tomer Bohadana.

From my friend The Elder we have Suburban Gaza and Al-Arabiya Arabic news roundup.

What War Zone has headlines that are inimitable I Don’t Care If They Drop Kassams on My Head, I’m Driving on Kvish 6, Dammit.

Solomonia shared Andy McCarthy on Why We Need Israel to Win
MEMRI TV: Egyptian Clerics- ‘Dispatch Those Sons of Apes and Pigs to the Hellfire’ – ‘bite their heads off with our teeth’
Boston Pro-Hamas Organizers Describe Goals: Destruction of Jewish State.

The Sand Monkey Why don’t you get involved? and Give Ghaza to Egypt?

The Sultan’s Note blogged Hamas has failed – it is time they stepped down.

Oleh Girl shared Yesterday Hamas fired upon, hijacked humanitarian aid trucks.
From Gateway Pundit we learn Pro-Hamas Thug Smacks Reporter in Face At Toronto Rally (VIdeo).

My Shrapnel say If you will allow me a brief primal scream… Personally if I am going to scream I don’t ask for permission, I just do it. 😉 But she is right, minority opinions and the ability to voice them are significant rights.

The Prairie Pundit shared Hamas victim offensive gets a boost. Plancks Constant conducted an investigation: Norwegian Doctor in Gaza – Unbiased?

Joshuapundit says It’s Hard Out There For A ( Hamas) Pimp. Or perhaps you can read a couple of posts at Lubavitch.com,

Bookworm found a great source of Moral clarity. Let’s surf over to Yourish to read World trying to push Israel into an early cease fire.

Chabad is doing their best to support the troops. At Shiloh Musings read Day 11 of the War from Netivot.

Who would expect to discuss the war at a Buffy The Vampire Slayer message board. Coming next it is the fans of Gomer Pyle USMC versus McHale’s Navy.

Go take a look at War. Mother In Israel provided a link to The Children’s Brigade song.

Gateway Pundit has a number of worthwhile posts. Let’s focus on Hostile Protesters In Turkey Force Israeli B-Ball Players to Flee Court and Danish Schools Refuse to Admit Jews Out of Fear of Violence… From Muslim Students.

Soccer Dad has Walt’s moral disneyland and other stupid academic tricks. Ask Treppenwitz about The Writing on The Walls.

Go here for a Good War Analysis by WSJ. Sometimes you need to spell it out. Our Children Come First.

That is it for now. I am off to collapse into bed. See you in the A.M.

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War In Gaza Update #10.5

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #10.5. Before we get into the meat of things lets set the mood with a video that many of you have probably seen before.

Brothers in Arms

I am curious to see if this war produces it’s own “Yalla Yalla Nasrallah”

One more video Tommorow I will return home- מחר אני בבית

And now we’ll head off to the next round up of news and information about the war in Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10.

In the news we have the following stories for your review and consumption:

CNN reports Israel: Hamas mortars prompted attack near U.N. school
Bret Stephens writes in the WSJ An Endgame for Israel.
Natan Sharansky writes How the U.N. Perpetuates the ‘Refugee’ Problem.
JPost: Analysis: Hamas desperate for lull.
JPost: Lebanon doubts Hizbullah will open second front.
JPost: Jordan, Egypt strike balance between Israel ties, angry public.
Al Jazeera cries media bias in In the US, Gaza is a different war.
Forbes has an opinion piece called Five Reasons Why India Can’t ‘Do A Gaza’ On Pakistan.

Israellycool and The Muqata liveblogging the war.

From Mere Rhetoric go read:
Video: UNRWA Explosion Was From Retaliatory Fire, Secondary Explosions

Friends Of Likud Conference Call – Gen. Moshe Ya’alon On Whether Hezbollah Will Open Up A Second Front

Hamas: We Will Murder Jewish Children All Over The World (Plus: Diplomats Trying To Stop The IDF From Winning)

Seraphic Secret found a Surprise Message from Usama bin Laden and The Gaza War(s).

Israel Matzav’s interview with John Devore is here.

From the Long War Journal Ground war heats up in Gaza.

The Weekly Standard blog says Hamas Leadership in Disarray. It is probably not considered good form to say that dismembered is better than disarray.

Also at The Weekly Standard Blog is this post Imagine the Jews Were the Real Terrorists!

Crittenden continues the beat with Bleeding, Leading in which he comments on Greenwald the sock puppet. Ok, maybe that is not fair, my also calling him a sock puppet. But if you ask me it is better than saying that he comes across as a semi-hysterical shill for terrorists. Now that is probably too extreme, so maybe we should return to the sock puppet. Either way we’ll give Greenwald some time in the sun.

Go read Discussing Israel/Gaza on right-wing talk radio and make up your own mind.

Jefferey Goldberg wrote The World’s Pornographic Interest in Jewish Moral Failure. Look at this excerpt:

Once, in Khan Younis, I actually saw gunmen unwrap a shrouded body, carry it a hundred yards and position it atop a pile of rubble — and then wait a half-hour until photographers showed. It was one of the more horrible things I’ve seen in my life. And it’s typical of Hamas. If reporters would probe deeper, they’d learn the awful truth of Hamas. But Palestinian moral failings are not of great interest to many people. ”

Yourish offers Hamas using children as human shield and Barbarism in the Congo, ignored.

At Blackfive you can review A path to the defeat of Hamas.

Daled Amos has Caroline Glick Interview: Only Four Options In Gaza? and Forget Israel–Let’s Compare HAMAS With The Nazis.

Comments from Left Field reacts emotionally In Gaza, Horror Piled Atop Horror. Apparently if terrorists use a school or hospital it is a safe zone from which they can act however they please.

Newshoggers takes a similar approach in Destroying the School To Save It.

At a Blog for All you can read True Evil Exposed: The Gaza School Incidents. Go to Gateway Pundit and read Dead Hamas Terrorists & Missiles Found At UN School In Gaza ad IDF Spokesperson’s Hamas Operatives Killed in UNRWA School, 6 Jan 2009.

Joshuapundit, One, Use A School As A Military Base; Two, Booby Trap It; Three, Blame Israel When It Goes Boom!

Harry’s Place wrote On the deaths in Jabalya.

Here is a Letter to Gaza: How do you stomach killing children every day?

American Powerblog shares Israeli Settlers and the Gaza Campaign and Extermination of the Jews, Then and Now.

Danger Room wrote Israelis Take Over Hamas’ TV Station.

Go read A Jewish Gaza? From there mozy on over to Hamas Is Losing, Short Term and Long Term.

Take a look at Insulting the Nazis.

This concludes the round up. Stay tuned for another edition.

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War in Gaza Update #9.5

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza. We’re starting to see a higher volume of spam and remarks from trolls so Comment moderation has been turned on.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9.

Take a look at the news and what do we see

John Bolton in the WAPO The Three-State Option.
CNN Top Hamas official defiant over rocket strikes.
The Economist Now the ground war.
Ottawa Citizen Only the end of Hamas can bring peace to Gaza.
The Telegraph Gaza will explode if US stays on sidelines.
Haaretz Lull now
Huffington Post Hamas Is Responsible for the Civilian Casualties in Gaza.
Huffington Post Photos From Israel That You Won’t See on the News.
NY Times The Toughest Q’s Answered in the Briefest Tweets.
Ventura County Star Israel Losing PR War

Chabad War News and Info.

In the blogosphere:

The Muqata and Israelly Cool are liveblogging. Apparently they have inspired Backspin to do so as well.

The IDF Spokesperson provides this video of the IDF attacking terrorists:

They also provide more information about what has been happening. Here is an incomplete summary of their summary:

  • A mosque used to store mass amounts of weaponry
  • An underground bunker in the area of Gaza city. The attack caused secondary explosions indicating there were explosives inside. Tunnels in the area collapsed.
  • A number of smuggling tunnels, near Rafah, used by the Hamas terror organization as passages for terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip and that formed part of the purchasing and supply system of the organization
  • 80 trucks with humanitarian aid were transferred into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing

Seraphic Secret shared The Unbearable Lightness of the Blood Libel.

Mere Rhetoric provides a report on the SF Consulate Conference Call – Operation Cast Lead Media Strategy.

The Elder asked Is Israel winning the media war? He also has a post that asks Why would Israel want civilians to die?

And rounding out his trifecta is The Zionist Collaborator Hierarchy.

Over at Yourish are the following:

Czech FM to Israel: We’re telling you to lose, Saving Hamas by diplomacy and Firming up the narrative: Israel can’t win.

At the Occidental Israeli you can review Operation Cast Lead – Arab World III.

Mother in Israel shared Pictures of Israeli Soldiers Treating Palestinian Weapon Smugglers.

Weasel Zippers shared this disturbing post Daily Kos: “I Find Satisfaction in the Death of an Israeli Soldier”…..


UN Complains Their Ambulances Can’t Reach Gaza Wounded, Fails to Mention Their Vehicles are Being Used as Hamas Troop Carriers….

Blackfive wrote about the Palestinian war crime of the day.

The Jawa Report shared this SF: Interesting Pro-Hamas Protest Banner.

Crittenden has another round up called Heil Hamas.

Shiloh Musings has a List of Wounded Soldiers.

LGF has Guardian Hits Bottom, Digs. While you are there read Staged Photos Pouring Out of Gaza.

Carl in Jerusalem to be interviewed on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Don’t forget to read Captured terrorist being treated at Soroka Hospital with IDF troops.

Ammaro blogged Peace.

On The Fringe provided for spite: re palestinians’ preference for martyrdom.

Esser Agaroth blogged about increased Rocket Range.

Daled Amos shared Audio: Alan Dershowitz On Fox Radio Discussing Disproportionate Force and Video: Children of Hamas.

This ends the latest round up. More to come later today.

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The Cheapest Blood

There is an ongoing discussion among my Jewish friends and I. Actually there are many ongoing discussions but for the purpose of this post we’ll focus on one. What is our role as a Jew. It is not so much a religious discussion as a question of what does it mean when you’re the only Jew in school or the office.

You see for whatever reason many of us seem to feel that when we are the only Jew around we have to assume the mantle of spokesperson for the Jews. It is especially noticeable during the holiday season or times like now when Israel is at war. Because now people start to approach us to ask questions or make statements about Israel.

Now let’s be clear about something there is no one person or organization that speaks for all of us. And there are many Jews who have never been to Israel or are relatively uneducated about it. They don’t know much about the history and can’t really discuss the politics with any degree of expertise. If you ask me that is ok. I play basketball with a Chinese guy who can’t tell you a thing about Chinese politics. He is an American who was born and raised in Los Angeles. He happens to be Chinese, but that doesn’t mean he knows Mao from Kung-Pao.Although I frequently ask him to Free Tibet.

The point is that there shouldn’t be a reason why a Jew who doesn’t live in Israel has to be an expert on what happens there. But the world is a funny place and my friends and I have found that while we shouldn’t have to know, it is helpful. Because for better or worse what happens in Israel impacts us.

If you have spent any time reading about the protests against the war in Gaza you’ll be aware that they don’t just focus on Israel, but also on Jews.

Victor Davis Hanson in an article called Creepy Times writes:

“There is something especially nauseating about the latest Middle East war — scenes of worldwide Islamic protests with photos of Jews as apes, protesters (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida of all places!) screaming about nuking Israel and putting Jews in ovens, parades of children dressed up with suicide vests and fake rockets, near constant anti-Semitic vicious sloganeering,”

It wouldn’t take any effort to provide additional examples including video and pictures of the actions of these people. I could relate personal experiences I have had with Anti-Israel protesters lament that Hitler should have finished the job. Sadly that is not hyperbole, it is reality.

As it happens I have been to Israel many times and have a lot of friends and family who live there. So when things happen I am always concerned. As I write this I worry about their safety including younger cousins who have been called up. The connection is personal so it is easy for me. I like knowing what is going on. I like being able to give an intelligent answer to the questions I receive.

Still, I am American. Been here all of my just short of my 40 years of life. I vote in every election, recite the pledge, sing the national anthem (poorly) and have a barbecue on the fourth of July. So when people come to me and ask why Israel is acting in a certain manner I sometimes shake my head. Ben-Gurion didn’t bestow me with any special honors. I am an ordinary American Joe who happens to love Israel.

But these protesters remind me that some people think otherwise. It is a peculiar thing if you ask me. They protest a war and allege that there is a humanitarian crisis. Yet in the process of working towards sainthood they dehumanize me and my fellows. They curse and threaten us and suggest that a genocidal maniac should have been successful in his efforts to eradicate us.

Earlier today I played in my weekly pickup basketball game. While sitting in the locker room a Nigerian man approached me and asked me to explain what was going on and to get my opinion. Midway through the discussion I looked at him and said, “To some Jewish blood is cheap, but the cheapest blood of all is African.”

For a moment I wondered if I had offended him and then he nodded and gave a wistful smile. He paused and responded, “Jack, no one cares about Africa. Most Americans don’t know much if anything about it all. They can’t tell me a thing about my country. And the world, well the world ignores the pain and suffering because we have nothing that they can sell for money. You’re right, African blood is the cheapest.”

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War In Gaza Update #9

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza. We’re starting to see a higher volume of spam and remarks from trolls. Comment moderation is still turned off but if this keeps up we may change that.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.

And now onto the roundup.
William Kristol on Why Israel Fights
The Observer offers Why Israel went to war in Gaza.

The Times Online Israel splits Gaza in three as soldiers battle Hamas.
The Guardian regarding Obama’s Silence on Gaza.
JPost reports Golani soldier escapes kidnap attempt.
Also in JPost ‘It’s too soon to discuss exit strategy’.
One more from JPost Egyptian film star: Hamas is to blame.
Ynet shared The Next Stage of Gaza and Sarkozy: Hamas shares responsibility for civilian suffering.
CNN Doctor in Gaza: Patients ‘lying everywhere‘ (A comment about this. Since the terrorists choose to wear civilian gear it becomes difficult to ascertain who is who. Certainly there is no doubt that civilians have lost their lives and that is tragic. However one has to wonder if the death count of civilians is accurate.
From The WSJ Israel’s Tragic Gaza Dilemma.

And now from the blogosphere:

The Muqata and Israelly Cool are liveblogging. So is the IDF Spokesperson.

Rabbi Daniel Gordis has a moving piece called A Caterpillar and An Anthem.
Seraphic Secret has updated Terrorist Rhetoric: Fact vs. Fiction or What I Learned in Hollywood.

Gateway Pundit reports THOUSANDS Protest In Support of Israel In Paris and Iranians Announce $1 Million Reward For Assassination of Egyptian President Mubarak.

My Right Word discovered Islamic Incongruency.

Meryl reports Number of killed and wounded in Israel doubled under cease fire.

Israel Matzav has a post of concern: Video: China supplying Hamas with weapons and cash.

Every now and then I like to try and provide a sample of some of what the opposition is saying about the war. You’ll find their posts scattered throughout.

Preemptive Karma asks What is Israel’s real objective? Sometimes the simple conclusion people come to is simply wrong, especially when it comes to this situation. It is a mistake to try and view this situation purely from a Western perspective.

The post is titled Inhuman but if you ask me it falls short of the mark. Some wars are necessary and just. That doesn’t mean that you celebrate the loss of life or minimize it. Part of the horror of war is the loss of life on all sides. But sometimes in order to get to diplomacy you have to use force.

Beyond that all people may be equal, but all ideologies are not.

Firedoglake continues to spew rhetoric about how not every man in Gaza fights for Hamas and thus the dead and wounded civilian count could be much higher. The converse is that since they don’t wear uniforms it could actually be much lower.

Here is another reason why I find them to be questionable arbiters of moral authority. While they find it easy to complain about Israel I don’t see them coming down on Hamas. You know, the guys that intentionally operate amidst civilians.The people who hide in hospitals and mosques.

So until they start showing some balance, they’re virtually useless.

Apparently Stop The ACLU has similar feelings.

As always there is news about protests. Solomonia shares some in Gaza on Boylston: Massive Pro-Hamas Rally in Boston. Note the flyer promoting the protest that says “End the 60 Year Occupation of Palestine!” Hard to negotiate with people who do not recognize your right to exist.

From Yid with Lid Hamas Using Hospital as Staging/Hiding Area.

Shiloh Musings spreads the word about a demonstration in New York and a personal account of life in Netivot.

Barking Moonbat provides IDF cuts Gaza in half, surrounds cities.

Planck’s Constant says It is Moral to Kill More of your Enemy than They Do.

Letters of Thought laments The Death of Journalistic Standards.

APRPEH asks What Should Be Israel’s Goal in Gaza?

Life in Israel has a post called Distance is only a matter of time (video)

WestbankMama says that Practice Makes Perfect.

It is important not to accept everything at facevalue because sometimes things are not as they seem: Media Fauxtography Now In Full Swing.

Judeopundit shares Some Gaza links, inane and sensible and an important story about the Hamas leader who was recently killed. Read this and let me know if you feel badly “He would tease us and ask if we wanted to die as martyrs with him”

The Right Truth has a round up of posts and links for your review.

The Big Dog reports Iran Calls For Oil Embargo. How shocking. That wacky fellow ahmadinejad and his cronies never fail to amuse me.

This concludes this edition of the round up. Stay tuned for more.

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Gaza War Update # 8.5

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza.
Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8.

Let’s go see what sort of news and analysis is floating around the Net today.

The AP reports Israeli forces bisect Gaza, surround biggest city.

Time Magazine Israel Enters Gaza: Negotiating With Extreme Prejudice.

From The Washington Post we have Israeli Forces Push Farther Into the Gaza Strip.

Also from WAPO Invasion Offers Benefits but Also Risks to Both Sides.

The Inquirer.net reports that Indonesian Islamists want to send troops to support Hamas.

Just stellar reporting from CNN. Got to love a headline like this: Palestinian medical sources: 485 now killed in Gaza. That sort of headline feeds the wolves and useful idiots who prattle on about disproportionate response and massacre. It is misleading and unbalanced. Sigh.

The LA Times has an op-ed piece from Michael Oren and Yossi Klein Halevi:

In Gaza, the real enemy is Iran. I want to highlight one section of that essay:

Though civilians have, tragically, been hurt, about three-quarters of the 400 Palestinians killed so far have been gunmen — an impressive achievement given that Hamas fires rockets from apartments, mosques and schools and uses hospitals as hide-outs.

Israel has recently allowed nearly 200 truckloads of food and medicine to enter Gaza, even under shellfire. It is in Israel’s urgent interest to minimize civilian suffering and forestall international criticism. For that same reason, Hamas welcomes the suffering of Palestinian civilians. According to a BBC report on Dec. 30, dozens of ambulances were dispatched by Egypt to its border with Gaza, only to remain empty because, according to Egyptian authorities, Hamas wasn’t allowing wounded Palestinians to leave.

Reuters reports that Gaza statement a misunderstanding -Czech minister.
The WSJ Iran’s President Has Much at Stake in Gaza Outcome. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll go visit Gaza now.

From JPost Counterpoint: Collective responsibility vs. collective punishment.

And now on to the blogs:

The Muqata and Israelly Cool are liveblogging. So is the IDF Spokesperson. There is a good summary of what has happened at this post and another VLOG from Captain Benjamin Rutland.

The Rebbitzin’s Husband explains Four lies about Israel and Gaza.

The Other McCain Israeli air strikes kill cute kittens and Hamas terrorist leaders and Greenwald vs. Goldfarb. Greenwald just goes overboard…again.

Omri is on top of things, as usual. Go read:

No, Of Course Hamas Is Not “Holding Gaza Hostage”

Wherein You’re Asked To Evaluate A Very Weird BBC Interview
Diplomatic Pressure Means The IDF Has Less Than A Week To Win

Soccer Dad covered Amanpour’s poor pitiful meme and don’t forget to read his Gaza Tidbits. Not because he links to me but because he has solid information that you should know about.

From Doug Ross @ Journal you need to read and look at the pictures in Maps can really point to places… where life is evil now.

Judeopundit What’s the truth about those rockets, anyway?.

Josh Miller has some good points in That ‘Ole Thought Experiment Again.

Firedoglake is still foaming at the mouth with their post Violence is the Tool of the Incompetent. Do they intentionally bury their heads in the sand.

Yourish shared French police bar pro-Israeli protesters from Israeli embassy, Gaza war – a random selection and Countering Hamas propaganda.

At Seraphic Secret you need to read Terrorist Rhetoric: Fact vs. Fiction or What I Learned in Hollywood.

Take a look at RBO’s RBO News & Views — The Rockets Bright Glare Edition.

Smooth Stone’s Terror Alert:Text Messages Being Forwarded to Jews By Muslims Not To Go To Manhattan.

Crittenden has another good round up right here.

From Daled Amos France Does A Variation On ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ and Pro-Hamasnik Helpfully Posts Video Of Hamas Blowing Up Their Own. Note, read the second post. There is far more too it than the headline suggests.

One more post from D.A. regarding the population density of Gaza.

Westbankmama shares a tale that isn’t quite Dickens in A Tale of Two Hospitals.

Rafi says that Al Jazeera interviewed the wrong guy. He also notes that today is the third anniversary of Ariel Sharon’s stroke.

Here are ruminations worth reading “Jews Drink Children’s Blood

What can you do in 15 seconds? It is a thought provoking post.

Jill has a round up of links about Mayor Bloomberg’s visit to Israel.

This concludes the current round up. We’ll be back a bit later with more updates.

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Gaza Update #7.5

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7

The long awaited ground invasion of Gaza has begun. Now we hope and pray for a quick operation in which there are minimal casualties and a speedy resolution. Still we are realistic about war. There will be lives lost on both sides.

But we believe that sometimes wars are both just and necessary and this is one of those moments. The IDF site stated that the goal of the invasion is:

The objective of this stage of the operation is to destroy the terrorist infrastructure of the Hamas in the precise area of operation, while taking control of some of rocket launching area used by the Hamas in order to greatly reduce the quantity of rockets fired at Israel and Israeli civilians.

One more comment. I make no bones about being Pro-Israel. I think that Israel like all countries should be criticized, but it must be balanced and fair. All too often that is missing and that is part of the reason some conversations immediately degenerate into mud slinging.

Also, I link to some news sources that I find questionable, but I like to try and see what people are saying on all sides. But I will not link to articles that are completely over the top, hate filled rants or screeds. So take it for what it is worth.

Now on to the news:

Here is a Vlog from Captain Benjamin Rutland:

CNN reports that ground troops have entered Gaza.
The New York Times asks Is the Real Target Hamas Rule?
Additional analysis from the Times can be found here.
Al-Jazeera provides an interview called Hamas in The Eyes of An Expert.
JPost wrote about more posturing by Hamas in ‘Gaza will become graveyard for troops’
Rabbi Daniel Gordis has a column that discusses the role of Jews who do not live in Israel In Perspective: Does Uncle Leonard have a say?
In Slate Rosner writes Can Israel Win the Gaza War?
YNET reports Europe Backs IDF Invasion.
Times Online shared Gaza Missile Maze.
Commentary Magazine Three Goals of The Ground Operation.
Haaretz Israel launches a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.
And now from the blogosphere:

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

The IDF blog contains some very interesting statistics. Here is a quick snapshot:

  • Today, over 950,000 Israelis live within range of rocket and mortar attacks.
  • There have been approximately 7,200 rockets (Grads, Qassams) and mortars launched at Israel since 2005.
  • Between Israel’s evacuation of Gaza and the election of Hamas (Aug. 15, 2005 – Jan. 25, 2006), there was an average of over 15 rocket and mortar attacks a month.
  • Between Hamas’ election and Hamas’ forceful takeover of the Strip (Jan. 25, 2006 – June 14, 2007), there was an average of over 102 attacks per month—an over 650% increase.

From Yourish we have Updating the Gaza war.

Don’t forget to read Operation Cast Lead – Day 8 – Updates (UPDATE: Ground Operation Launched) and Confirmed: Hamas Wants To Use WMDs Against Israel, Trigger Full-Blown Regional War.

Harry’s Place discusses the ground invasion.

Shiloh Musings shared Day 8 in Netivot and shared a post about what it is like to seek shelter in a sewer pipe.

My Shrapnel discusses her feeling in Gaza.

Treppenwitz blogged about a prayer for our soldiers.

Allahpundit Israel invades Gaza; Update: “A lengthy operation

Muslim World Today discussed Israel’s War on Terror.

If you haven’t read any of the reports about the protests you might be surprised and or sickened by what you see/read.


Gateway Pundit said Bloody Riots in London… Pro-Hamas Protesters Attack Police At Israeli Embassy.

From Something Something The Choice of Israel.

Roger Simon Israel Alone.

Stay tuned for additional updates to this post throughout the day.

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Gaza Update #8

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza.Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5

Again we’ll start with the MSM:

There have been multiple stories of internecine fighting among the Palestinians. JPost reports Hamas moves on Fatah ‘collaborators’.
JPost also reports that 30 troops have been injured and that tens of thousands combat reservists are being called up.
Also at JPost Analysis: Hamas could not be deterred.
In Haaretz Sayed Kashua writes Hit them where it hurts.
Also from Haaretz ANALYSIS / Israel’s aim in Gaza is to break Hamas resistance.
Newsweek has an op-ep Piece that says Obama Must Get Tough With Israel.
Daily Mail reports the ghoulish story of the parade with dead children.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about Creepy Times and I have to agree with him. Check out this excerpt and then read the rest:

“There is something especially nauseating about the latest Middle East war — scenes of worldwide Islamic protests with photos of Jews as apes, protesters (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida of all places!) screaming about nuking Israel and putting Jews in ovens, parades of children dressed up with suicide vests and fake rockets, near constant anti-Semitic vicious sloganeering,”

Michael Totten discusses who is following the law and who is not in Gaza and the Law of Armed Conflict.
Benny Morris says Israel has no choice but to be tough on Hamas – and Iran.
Go Read Clashing Civilizations by Mark Steyn
Another Front provides another look at the war in cyberspace.

The IDF blog has some posts that are worth looking at. Some of the material here has been taken from there. Including this video of troops preparing to enter Gaza

The Muqata and Israellycool are liveblogging the war.

Go to Mere Rhetoric and read Overview And Map Of Israeli Ground Operation. Two more to read while you are there:
Of Course: Iranian And Lebanese Journalists Leaking IDF Military Maneuvers (Plus: Calls Growing To Ban Al Jazeera) and CNN: Israel Is Overreacting Because The Palestinians Are Too Incompetent To Murder Israelis Consistently

Take a look at Yourish and read One more Gaza update for the evening.

Joshuapundit has a blog post that irks me called Hamas Forcing Civilians To Stand On Roofs.

Why does it irk me? Well because there are so very many examples of barbaric behavior by Hamas yet so many useful idiots choose to chastise Israel for disproportionate force, a term they don’t really seem to understand.

That leads to a few posts from Daled Amos:

Looks Like Someone Finally Looked Up What “Disproportionate Force” Really Means!,
Israel’s Ultimate Goal And What Lies Ahead To Achieve It.

Seraphic Secret shared a post called the IDF Enters Gaza and included a few pictures to boost morale.

My Shrapnel writes More on Gaza.

The Occidental Israeli points out a mistake made by Fox in Fox News Places Gaza Campaign in South Asia. While you are there take a look at Operation Cast Lead – Arab World II.

From This Ain’t Hell there is the IDF’s announcement of ground operations in Gaza [Jonn].

Lady Light says The World Hates Jews. Don’t know if I agree with her, or maybe I do. But it could be worse because if you’re African your blood is meaningless to the world. Africa burns and no one cares. Really it is a pathetic commentary about the way things are, but that is a separate post.

Comments from Left Field has post in which he says that both sides are wrong. Go read The Gaza Ground Operations Begin. I think he touches on a few good points, but there are some big holes.

The Agonist argues that Israel is moving for Regime Change. But they lose me when they talk about the moderate wing of Hamas. Did they not read the Hamas charter that calls for the destruction of Israel. Is there some subset of Hamas that has a moderate version of a charter. A charter that doesn’t call for the complete destruction, just a small part.

Maybe Zombietime knows about the moderates, “I’m a little spooked”: Palestinian protests bring Gaza fighting to San Francisco. Nah, I didn’t think so.

Gateway Pundit blogged about a similiar thing with Surprise!… Pro-Hamas “Youths” Torch Cars After Paris Protest. While you’re there don’t forget to read this post too.

WestBankMama advises Don’t Believe Everything You Read. Smart idea, hopefully people will listen.

Carl has The ‘obstacles’ to a ‘Palestinian’ reichlet.

I encourage you to go watch Save the Gazans (new EoZ video).

Soccer Dad got a nice mention here.

Want to do more to help? Go to How To Help Us Win and check out their list of suggestions.

I am beat so I am going to end this early. But I’ll be back with another update tomorrow.

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Gaza Update #6.5

Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster.”
General William Tecumseh Sherman

The War in Gaza continues and there are mixed reports about what is going on. We are continuing to provide you with a round up of news reports and blog posts regarding the war. The round up includes professional analysis, front line reports as well as human interest stories.

The goal is to provide you with a more complete picture than you would receive solely by watching the news or surfing the net on your own.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:
1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6
Let’s get started by presenting a report from CNN that says bombs continue to fall as tanks wait on the outskirts of Gaza.

Xinhua reports that Hezbollah says Israel would be surprised by Hamas rockets. The article says that Israel will be surprised by the range of the rockets. Sounds to me like a good reason to continue the offensive.

The BBC reports that a variety of stars have issued a ridiculous call for an end to bombing. Where were they when the rockets were falling on Sderot and why do they not condemn Hamas.
JPost says Israel to treat more injured Gazans.

Caroline Glick’s piece Column One: Hamas’s march to victory is worth reading. She questions the wisdom of the government and what their goals are.

One more JPost piece about what is going on in The Arab Street.

The Times Online reports Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza.

Andrew Sullivan writes that Israel holds the higher moral ground but faces some challenges in
Some Truths for Now

Glenn Greenwald claims that the US doesn’t spend time discussing American interests when it comes to Israel in More oddities in the U.S. “debate” over Israel/Gaza.

From the IHT Divisions deep at Arab league meeting.

From Breitbart On eve of his death, Hamas leader in Gaza predicted victory. Guess again.

From the blogosphere:

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Powerline shared The Conflict’s Root Cause

The IDF has a blog called IDF Spokesperson.

At Seraphic Secret you should read Gaza: A Matzav Within The Matzav.

Daled Amos came across a Podcast From Gaza.

Want to know the character of Hamas? Go read:

Video: Hamas Prepares Army Of Women And Children To Be Suicide Bombers During Urban Warfare

Bookworm’s post How to define proportionality in the face of evil should be read.

Don’t forget to read But it’s anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism.

Judeopundit shared New horizons in nonsense. A look at ridiculous remarks made by Norman Finkelstein.

Israpundit follows up on the Caroline Glick column with a post called Israel is capitulating.

Esser Agaroth has a list of updates and good links that merit attention, including the S’deroth Media Center.

The Elder has some good posts Quick fisking of Richard Falk and Secondary explosions – another shortcoming of international law.

Solomonia has a good round up of news and information here.


Life in Israel has a map that provides a look at the range of the rockets.

A Blog For All has some good statistics to review in Operation Cast Lead: Day 7.

Hot Air asks the rhetorical question, Gloves coming off?

Mottel blogged Social Media and How it Will Help Israel Win the War.
Soccer Dad’s post The memeorandum difference shows that we are getting the word out there.

Ezzie has suggestions for Where To Read About The War.

Avodah Ivrit discusses Common Sense.

Stay Tuned for more update throughout the day and beyond.

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Gaza Update Number 6

We are continuing our series of round ups of news and information about the War in Gaza. We have been informed by a number of reliable sources that things are on the verge of really heating up. With that in mind we may slow down a bit so that we can keep up later. We shall see.This marks installment number 6 about the conflict in Gaza.

Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

Gaza Round Up Part Three

Gaza Round Up 3.5

Gaza Round Up Part 4

Gaza Update 4.5

Gaza Update 5

Gaza Update 5.5

In the MSM we have procured the following links for your review and consideration:

The Washington Post Ephraim Sneh explains Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post has several articles No tears for Hamas leader in Ramallah, IAF hits cell that fired at Ashkelon and an article in which the Egyptian Foreign Minister says Hamas must stop firing rockets.

Uh oh, CNN reports that Hamas is clamoring for more blood. What a shock, more flowery rhetoric about revenge. Let’s not forget that Nizar Rayan was pushing for more suicide attacks. Ever wonder why their leaders don’t lead by strapping a bomb to themselves.

The Times Online says that Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone.

From Reuters Palestinian arrested, charged for Denmark shooting.

And now on to the blogosphere:

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Ezzie sent in a tip to go check out a blog called IDF Spokesperson.

Westbankmama says The Magic Word is “Harta’a

The Rasmussen Report says Americans Closely Divided Over Israel’s Gaza Attacks.

In a post called Progressive Blogs and Zionist Concern Trolls American Power Blog suggests we should read about the intra-ideological debate taking place among progressive bloggers.

Want to see some suggestions for how to help Israel? Go read The Rebbitzin’s Husband.

Soccer Dad continues his round ups and links to The Watcher’s Council here which includes a number of posts about the war.

Judeopundit shares his Required reading. I’d include this post among many that you should read:

Egyptian Foreign Minister Slams Hamas Again…

The Shwarma Mayor (Ok, now I am hungry) blogged about the rockets reaching Dimona in Times-Onlines: Israel Nuclear Plant in Battle Zone, Really?!

Meryl’s right, Someone shut Hamas up already, please.

At the American Thinker they are Confronting Hamas’ Genocidal Jew-Hatred.

Israel Matzav discusses whether turning Gaza over to Fatah would improve things.

Go to Mere Rhetoric and read about the classy actions of Hamas:

Video: Hamas Brags About Using Women And Children As Human Shields and

Gaza Hospitals Overflowing With Hamas Weapons, Palestinian Vigilante Murder

That’s it for now, more to come.

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Gaza Round Up 5.5

This marks installment number 5.5 about the conflict in Gaza.

Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One
Gaza Round Up Part Two
Gaza Round Up Part Three
Gaza Round Up 3.5
Gaza Round Up Part 4
Gaza Update 4.5
Gaza Update 5
CNN reports the successful removal of one of the leaders of Hamas. Kol Hakavod to the IDF. Be sure to read EOZ’s post Hamas spiritual leader forced his kids to die with him.

From The New York Times Israel Pursues Diplomacy but Presses Attacks and Striking Deep Into Israel, Hamas Employs an Upgraded Rocket Arsenal.

The Washington Post published Israel’s Attacks On Gaza Deepen Palestinian Rift.

From MSNBC Israelis get creative in coping with rocket threat.

Jeff Jacoby opines that concessions such as land for peace are meaningless in his column Has Israel Learned its Lesson?

Al Jazeera offers a video about the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Is anyone really naive enough to believe that they aren’t pulling weapons through also.

Even if they are this NY Times story offers the following comment, “Muhammad al-Zarb said that the Israelis somehow seemed to know which tunnels were commercial and which were run by Hamas, and that they seemed to be selective in their bombing. “If someone has a tunnel for Chipsy, it seems O.K.,” he said. “When a Hamas guy has a tunnel for weapons, they bomb it.”

The war isn’t just being fought in Gaza but also online. P.C. World reports that there have been many cyber attacks. More comments and criticism can be found at Computerworld.

Victor Davis Hanson has The Gaza Rules. In case you missed it here is a link to Roundtable on the Gaza Violence.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Seraphic Secret just released Why We Fight II. At The Better Part of Valour Israel, Palestine and Gaza.

Planck’s Constant discussed Israel and Disproportionate Response.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred cover this in The Doctrine of ‘Proportionate Response’
“There is no such thing as a ‘disproportionate response’ to calls for genocide.”

Don’t forget to read The Incredible Arrogance Of The Beast.

Jihad Watch offers Israeli strike kills Hamas top dog; AP says this “escalates campaign.”

Linda points to a poll from Al Jazeera. Want to guess what it is about.

Treppenwitz wants to know why Foreign Press are allowed into Gaza.

From WestbankMama “Mistadrim” – The Israeli Method of Making Do.

Yourish has a bunch of posts. Try these: Signs of the times: Praying from bomb shelters and War crimes: Hiding weapons in mosques.

Yid with Lid says Israel’s Window is Closing IT MUST ACT NOW !!!

In regard to whether there is a humanitarian crisis or not take a look atGaza aid update: The despicable UNRWA.

Don’t forget to read Looks Like Gaza Has Both Guns AND Butter.

My Right Word has discovered more shoe bombers. The war is taking its toll upon the health of many people.

At Ezzie’s blog Make Noise! – A Heroine’s Cry.

There is a blog for Negev refugees. If you want to know more please click here.

Ok folks, this completes update 5.5. Stay tuned for update 6.

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Gaza Round Up 5

Happy New Year. Goodbye 2008, hello 2009.

This marks fifth installment of round ups about the conflict in Gaza.

Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

Gaza Round Up Part Three

Gaza Round Up 3.5

Gaza Round Up Part 4

Gaza Update 4.5

CNN is late in the game with Israel uses YouTube, Twitter to share its point of view. Maybe they should be reading this blog.

Haaretz has two stories that are worth looking at, Israelis who blame Israel are not helping the Palestinians and IDF recommends major, but brief Gaza ground offensive.

From The Razor Walking In Israel’s Shoes. Rhymes with Right Israel NOT Targeting Civilians.

Baron Boddisey offers Israel’s Struggle. Jewish World Review has a column called Israel’s Response Is Disproportionate.

Pajamas Media The Gaza War: Is It Really So Hard to Understand? and Israel’s Morality Versus Hamas’s Morality: Who Are The “Peace Activists” Anyway?

Powerline shared Hoping for Change in Our Middle East Policy and they include a post about a DOS attack on their site at Hamas H.Q. Bombed; Power Line, too.

Harry’s Place reports UK telecom firm cuts ties with Israeli companyand Iranian newspaper publishes criticism of Hamas; gets shut down.

The Volokh Conspiracy discusses how Hamas is using human shields.

Israel Politik shares Aid to Gaza Continues: 31 December.

Ki Yachol Nuchal! provided a Short Mantra for Parents of Soldiers, and Others Who Love Them.

Day Five of the War in Beer Sheva at Shiloh Musings.

What War Zone has New Year’s greetings, Happy New Year from Hamas!

Yid With Lid asks Do Hamas Mothers Love Their Children? and The Truth About The BOGUS Gaza “Medical Crisis

Honest Reporting has a primer on the war here.
Gateway Pundit ran Pro-Hamas Nutjobs Glue Themselves to BBC– Sing Moonbat Songs (Video).

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That is it for now. More to come as needed.

Gaza Round up 4.5

I finally jumped onboard and am part of Twitter. I am not sure yet how often I am going to use it, but who knows, maybe it will become a regular feature. You can find me at http://twitter.com/TheJackB.

This marks round up 4.5

Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

Gaza Round Up Part Three

Gaza Round Up 3.5

Gaza Round Up Part 4

Before we get to the round up here is an old joke:

Dan Rather, Katie Couric, and an Israeli sergeant were all captured by terrorists in Iraq. The leader of the terrorists told them he would grant them each one last request before they were beheaded.

Dan Rather said, ‘I’m a Texan, so I’d like one last bowlful of hot spicy chili.’ The leader nodded to an underling who returned with chili. Rather ate it all and said, ‘Now I can die content.’

Katie Couric said, ‘I’m a reporter to the end. I want to take my tape recorder, then describe the scene here and what’s about to happen. Maybe someone will hear it and know I was on the job till the end.’

The leader directed an aide to hand over the tape recorder, and Couric dictated some comments, then said, ‘Now I can die happy.’

The leader turned and said, ‘And now, Mr. Israeli tough guy, what is your final wish?’

‘Kick me in the ass,’ said the soldier.’

‘What?’ asked the leader? ‘Will you mock us in your last hour?’

‘No, I’m not kidding. I want you to kick me in the ass,’ insisted the Israeli.

So the leader shoved him into the clearing and kicked him in the ass. The soldier was sent sprawling, but rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm pistol from under his flack jacket, and shot the leader dead. In the resulting confusion, he jumped to his knapsack, pulled out his carbine and sprayed the rest of the terrorists with gunfire. In a flash, all terrorists were either dead or fleeing for their lives.

As the soldier was untying Rather and Couric, they asked him, ‘Why didn’t you just shoot them in the beginning? Why did you ask them to kick you in the ass first?’

‘What?’ replied the Israeli, ‘And have you two assholes report that I was the aggressor?!’

In the news we have the following stories:

David Grossman is in the New York Times with Fight Fire With a Cease-Fire. Dershowitz is in the Christian Science Monitor with Israel, Hamas, and moral idiocy.

YNET reports that the rocket that hit BeerSheva was made in Chinaand Hamas PM: Crazy war must end unconditionally.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still live blogging the war.

Seraphic Secret has a great post up in which he exposes YouTube’s questionable behavior and reveals that the terrorists are hiding in hospitals. Go read And the Oscar Goes To

Meryl has The result of the “lull” and discusses Hamas war crimes.

The Rebbitzin’s Husband explains Why didn’t Disengagement from Gaza work?

On The Fringe Writes what will it take to stop the terrorist attacks?

Yid With Lid featured the Return of the Bad Old Middle East and explains why Israel did not agree to a ceasefire.

From Joshuapundit Gaza:A Tale Of Selective Morality and Tribal Warfare.

At My Right Word Yisrael discusses a guest columnist in the WAPO
Amateur? Israel – Or Daoud Kuttab and The Washington Post? and responds to David Morrison’s anti-Israel article in the Irish Times.

Martin Kramer has Hamas and the Bushes.

At Writes Like She Talks you should read Gaza-Israel rocket range map in English & Hebrew. She also has her own round up to read.

PT Watch continues to keep count.

In The Atlantic you can read The problem with Israel-Palestine blogging. Israel Matzav responds to that here.

Mere Rhetoric shares:
Breaking: Arab Youths Spray Gunfire At Israeli Mall Workers In Denmark,
Oh-So-Brave Hamas Soldiers Fleeing Into Mosques And Hospitals
and Iranian Students Storm Multiple Embassies In Totally Uncoordinated, Completely Spontaneous Anti-Israel Protests.

Right Wing News has Gaza should thank Israel.

Jules Crittenden covered French Humanitarianism.

Check out Gaza: The Hedgehog, The Fox…And The Jackal.

American Power blogged World’s False Moral Equivalence Emboldens Terrorists. Rav Aviner has provided Hilchot Tzava – Halachot of the Army.

Confederate Yankee suggests that we Empty Gaza.

Gaza Round Up Part 4

I finally jumped onboard and am part of Twitter. I am not sure yet how often I am going to use it, but who knows, maybe it will become a regular feature. You can find me at http://twitter.com/TheJackB.

This marks the fourth round up. Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One
Gaza Round Up Part Two
Gaza Round Up Part Three
Gaza Round Up 3.5

(I know, Ben-Yehuda this is technically number 5.)

CNN reports that Israel has rejected a truce. Of course reports like this make it seem as if Israel is the bad guy and do a poor job of reflecting the real reasons for the hostility. It is shameful the manner in which some people try to minimize the threat of the rockets as if people shouldn’t care.

The BBC reports Israelis ponder ceasefire calls. Also from The UK We must adjust our distorted image of Hamas.

Don Surber reflects upon that last story here.

As is tradition allow me to remind you that liveblogging continues atIsraellyCool and The Muqata.

Jewish Current Issues says that A Proportionate Response Would Be to Eliminate Hamas.
Michael Totten writes What Would a Proportionate Response Look Like?.

Bookworm has a post called Hamas’ “Heroes” — and the need for total victory over evil.

Commentary discusses Sderot with Sderot Under Siege.

The Elder reports that Women and children deaths pretty low and includes If the IDF made Hamas-style videos….


From Boker Tov Boulder Anti-Israel Pandemonium in Gaza City Fort Lauderdale FL USA


CNN “explains” the “evolution” of Hamas without ever using the word MURDER — Plus, What “Truce”?

Lady Light shares her thoughts here.

A new update will be published shortly.

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Gaza Round Up 3.5


This is part 3.5 in a continuing series of round ups about the current situation in Gaza. It is a collection of posts and articles from around the world and blogosphere. If you have posts that you think should be included email them to talktojack-now-at-sbcglobal-dot-net or let me know in the comments.

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

Gaza Round Up Part Three

First from the MSM:

At Ha’aretz Cabinet debating 48-hour Gaza truce as international pressure grows and Amos Oz: Hamas responsible for outbreak of Gaza violence.

The New York Times Amid a Buildup of Its Forces, Israel Ponders a Cease-Fire. Benny Morris on Why Israel Feels Threatened. And Egypt Offers Humanitarian Aid but Is Criticized for Refusing to Open Gaza Border.

YNET reports that rockets have reached Beer Sheva. JPost hasBattlefront Twitter and an essay from Daniel Pipes called Insight into Bush’s ‘promising’ Middle East.

Der Spiegel has ‘Hamas Stupidity No Excuse for Israeli Overreaction’and Egypt in Quandary as Gaza Raids Divide the Muslim World.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still live blogging the war.

I suggest you read A Fatah Friend Writes: I’m Supporting the Israeli Air Force and Iran creates “war crimes” court for world to ignore.

At Mere Rhetoric you should review One-Third Of Hamas Launchers Too Deep In Residential Areas To Hit By Jet (Plus: Temporary Truce Rumors Debunked?)

Seraphic Secret has a post called Honest if Unlettered Arab Rhetoric.

Yid with Lid continues to cover the conflict Dershowitz on the Idiocy of Moral EquivalenceCynthia McKinney Father Expect That She Will Try To Enter Gaza Again and Gaza War Videos You Won’t See on Mainstream Media.

Soccer Dad has a good post called Reporter, heal thyself and another that explores whether Israel’s actions are strengthening Hamas.

What War Zone has the Daily Gaza Update: Whatever

Boing Boing discussed technology and the war with Gaza Attacks: Two Related Reactions, in Second Life and Twitter. For a response to that post look here.

APRPEH offered Israel attacks Hamas: Euphoria Matured – Reality Settling In and Gaza War Message Confusion (what is the goal?)

Daniel Pipes has a dozen thoughts about Israel’s War on Hamas.

Daled Amos took Notes On Today’s Conference Call On Gaza. Mere Rhetoric took part too, America’s Voices Conference Call – Operation Cast Lead.

Completing the Mere Rhetoric trifecta is this post about public relations: Israel Launches High-Tech Public Diplomacy Outreach To Explain Operation Cast Lead.

At Hot Air you’ll find Assad calls for end to “massacre” in Gaza at meeting with … Arlen Specter.

Here is another note from Netivot.

Gaza Round Up Part three

***Second Update 9:30 A.M. P.S.T.***
This is part three in a continuing series of round ups about the current situation in Gaza. It is a collection of posts and articles from around the world and blogosphere. If you have posts that you think should be included email them to talktojack-now-at-sbcglobal-dot-net or let me know in the comments.

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

And now onto part three:

The IDF has some very interesting videos on YouTube. Check out IDFADESK.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still live blogging the war. They both provide news and information that you might not see anywhere else.

The Sandmonkey is at it again with news about the Egyptian Embassy in Yemen and an Egyptian Officer that was shot by Hamas.

The WSJ has Israel’s Gaza Defense. ADD Rabbi provides a valuable service with BBC Translators.

The Rebbitzin’s Husband has the story Behind the United Nations’ War on Israel.
At LGF you can read Washington Post: ‘Amateur’ Rockets ‘Nagging’ Israel.

Daled Amos says: Four Days After Hamas In Gaza: Now What? Here is a link on Twitter that discusses Qassams in Sderot.

Carl has a video that shows how people live in Sderot.

Soccer Dad blogged about The Media Assault on Israel and on a post that is also crossposted on Yourish he asks the question Did a Hamas lie find its way into a Washington Post headline?

Baka Diary asks Where’s The Outrage in a post that puts names and faces to those killed in rocket attacks.

Yid With Lid has The GAZA Story That The Media DOESN’T Cover and a story about a Hamas terrorist who was killed.

Jules Crittenden asks So, What Next? Hyscience is Reassessing Sharon’s 2005 Gaza Pullout and they also shared Palestinian girl: ‘Hamas is the cause in the first place of all wars’.

The Right Truth blogged Another day and Israel is standing her ground. Incidentally I meant to blog about Caroline Glick’s column in which she mentions that Hamas has legalized crucifixion. Talk about medieval justice.

Glenn Greenwald is not taking advantage of a free vacation to Sderot. Meryl has had her hands full with some of the usual knuckleheads. It is worth taking a look at Hatemail of the day.

American Power blogged about how the World Rallies to Palestinian Cause

Commentary offers Sderot Under Siege. Israel Politik says Missiles Land in Ashkelon and
Citizens’ “Press” Conference on Twitter.

It is worth reading The Gaza War in The Atlantic. From Mother in Israel we have War in Gaza: Report from the Home Front.

Tzipiyah offers In Israel, Hospitality Replaces The Need For Refugee Camps. My Right Word reports that the Israeli Navy stopped a boat from reaching Gaza and links to a clip about The Dignity.

If you want to get a sense of what it is like to fall out of frying pan and into the fire click here. You can also read about the war situation in Netzer Hazani in Ein Tzurim here.

Lest we take ourselves too seriously Benji is Liveblogging reading blogs.

Want to help? Check out Raizy’s post here and Treppenwitz here.

Solomonia is getting the news out Boston: Support Israel Rally TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 5PM
Gateway Pundit is spreading the word, Support Israel Rally Tuesday Night In New York City. Back of the Hill is doing the same about a Counter Protest in Support of Israel in the Bay Area.

Gaza Buried in Flour

There is an interesting post on Martin Kramer’s blog regarding how easily misinformation is spread.

“The Boston Globe has just run an op-ed under the headline “Ending the Stranglehold on Gaza.” The authors are Eyad al-Sarraj, identified as founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, and Sara Roy, identified as senior research scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. The bias of the op-ed speaks for itself, and I won’t even dwell on it. But I do want to call attention to this sentence:

Although Gaza daily requires 680,000 tons of flour to feed its population, Israel had cut this to 90 tons per day by November 2007, a reduction of 99 percent.

You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that if Gaza has a population of 1.5 million, as the authors also note, then 680,000 tons of flour a day come out to almost half a ton of flour per Gazan, per day.

A typographical error at the Boston Globe? Hardly. The two authors used the same “statistic” in an earlier piece. They copied it from an article published in the Ahram Weekly last November, which reported that “the price of a bag of flour has risen 80 per cent, because of the 680,000 tonnes the Gaza Strip needs daily, only 90 tonnes are permitted to enter.” Sarraj and Roy added the bit about this being “a reduction of 99 percent.”

Note how an absurd and impossible “statistic” has made its way up the media feeding chain. It begins in an Egyptian newspaper, is cycled through a Palestinian activist, is submitted under the shared byline of a Harvard “research scholar,” and finally appears in the Boston Globe, whose editors apparently can’t do basic math. Now, in a viral contagion, this spreads across the Internet, where that “reduction of 99 percent” becomes a well-attested fact.”